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What If..(Game to Make You Think)
I thought I'd start a "What if" line of questions to see the great responses I'm sure will be posted....I'll start the questions...then after you answer...ask one of your own!...Hope you guys enjoy!!

What only had 24 hours to live? How would you spend that time?
I'd make out a proper will, try to make love one last time and then use the remaining time trying to find a spectacular way to die. If it could be arranged I'd like to be hydraulically catapulted from the top of Mt. Everest then blown up about 200ft from the ground Wink

What if... you found the secret to immortality? Would you share the secret and how would it change your outlook on life?
If I found the secret to immortality, that is if I found something that would make a person immortal, I would destroy it and every scrap of information related to it that I could get my hands on. The repercussions from such a discovery would be devastating to the world.

What if you could change one thing about the world, anything, what would it be and why?
I would require the top 10% richest people int he world trade places with the bottom 10% poorest people in the world for at least a year. Why? Empathy is the cure for greed.

If you could bring back one person for the benefit of mankind,....who would it be and why?
Martin Luther King JR because there's still division in the world. We need more love and kindness.

What if everyone in the world required a special power? What would your special power be and how would you use it?
Mighty Urine to keep all the unwanted critters out of the cities, Have to do when its late at night so as not to be seen by the public

What If The Internet Did Not Exsist, What would you be doing instead of this
Helping my fellow man.

If you could spend one night with anyone in the world, who would it be?
A guy called Joshua.

What if homosexuality was outlawed (again)?
I'd moved to Mars... maybe I will try to eat a woman out first, but I really dont see how that would work lol

What if you are on a roller coaster, and you are stuck upside down?
I would be In the Next Final Destination Movie oh wait they did that one already

What if YellowStone erupted

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