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What TV character(s) are you "in love" with?
Jack Black - more cusion for the pushin
PJ Brenna who is Doug from Hollyoaks god he is just so hot and genuine and cute haha

and Brian Krause who is Leo form charmed mm he is hot ike the only older guy i would do hehe
charlie from its always sunny in philadelphia
and even though hes an evil asshole, rewatching big love is reminding me of the weird crush I have on alby grant. he just needs love.
Well, my fist TV crush was on Greg Evigan as BJ in BJ and the Bear, now I'd have to say Sam Whiter, cleft chis, just enough muscle.
interesting, very nice!
omg I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement growing upSmile
[Image: man-candy-mondays-jonathan-taylor-thomas-main.jpg]
my new crushes are Jim Parsons from the big bang theory
[Image: jim-parsons-profile.jpg]
Michael Cudlitz (who plays a gay cop)
[Image: southland_10_michael-cudlitz_ph-mitch-haaseth.jpg]
Ben McKenzie
[Image: ben-mckenzie-southland-set1.jpg]
and Shawn Hatosy, the last three are from the show Southland.
[Image: 43_F99173_AEBB8_AA7_A93_BB0ff.jpg]
yes ben mckenzie always has been, and my guess is always will be, a hottie.
i haven't seen southland, but i suppose i should check it out.

whatever happened to jonathan taylor thomas, anyway?

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