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What are your favorite Gay Blogs ?
Just wanted to know of any good gay blogs OUT there, I recently started my own blog

Check OUT my profile for the link.

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I'll read AfterElton sometimes, most days i just skim threw it though.

I also listen to 2 gay podcast Blowhard and Feast of Fun.
right here met my honey on it lol
I can't be bothered with blogs. What exactly is a gay blog anyway
I can't be bothered with them either. A gay blog is a journal of gay writings. They're written by gay people. Maybe some aren't written by gay people and straight allies write about gay happenings and issues.
The Box Turtle Bulletin, gay politics and some of the more interesting claims our enemies make against us.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I'm kinda with Cutieboy and RSConep on this - I just don't get blogging...

it's a virtual diary really, but one of the few internet fads that passed me by; it seems to be a contradiction that people want to have this secret confessional that anybody can read. I find it a bit showy and something of an oxymoron.

Greg Puciato's, from one of my favourite bands - but mostly because he's a great frontman with a lot of passionate opinions, and occasionally makes good points.
ummm, hmmm, i just looked through my bookmarks and i have about 50 gay blogs that i check per month. most though are for rapidshare or mega upload links for a wide wide variety of gay flicks =]

apart from those, we have

The Daily Drool

which provide some serious, serious man hunk to drool over, and is fairly safe (no nudity)

then, non-movie but still pretty much porn, we have

naked completely

Temple of Pleasure

Cockenstein - the Gay Porn Blog with Heart.
On tumblr (ew tumblr) I have the LGBT Question one as it's interesting but I barely follow it.

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