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What are your thoughts on religion and god
(09-17-2021, 12:10 AM)Bhp91126 Wrote: I don’t believe in god and think organized religion is one of mankind’s greatest mistakes. I was raised Mennonite (small global Christian Community; god is love) and liked being in the local community. Though even as a child I never believed into god, paradise, hell etc, etc. Once I moved away from home and religion, faith et al lost their meaning over time. After listening to the verbal diarrhea being spewed from all religions regarding gay people for decades, the US-Mennonite community not doing same sex weddings/not recognizing my marriage, all religion became the enemy. Good riddance.

Hi Bernd. I'm agnostic and somewhat semi atheist? But yes, I do get your opinion as it is same as mine. I remember when I was in my religious school reading religious text book about Islam and I thought, "...this doesn't make sense." Why in the world Islam promote so much violence as punishment (to begin with). I mean okay, stealing is bad but chopping off hand? Then the magical stuff done by the prophets (...I was like, what?). Don't ever get me started with the amount of wars organized during prophet Muhammad. 

And if I remember correctly, there's a verse in Quran that talks about The Battle of Badr (War): "...For god has helped you during Battle of Badr at the time you were helpless..."

Right, so God has no issue to promote violence himself.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Bernd. Appreciate it.
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(09-17-2021, 01:27 PM)Cridders88 Wrote: I have largely the same opinion as Bernd. In fact, I would go as far as saying I am atheist. I think religion causes far more problems than it solves and I never want a part of it. Not that I believe in the existence of any god anyway.

EDIT: I have seen that Stephen Fry video before, and absolutely love it. Literally what I would say if I was better with words.

I'm very opinionated regarding to this subject but this subject is a no-no to talk about to most people in my country. So I'm happy to be able to talk and express my opinion on this subject in Gayspeak. Although to be honest, I still have to watch my back despite being on the Internet. A Muslim turned agnostic/semi atheist and also gay - doesn't sit well with most Muslims especially from my country. 

I remember I was so happy to discover the interview of Stephen Fry. Finally, someone said it out loud.
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  • Cridders88
Thanks very much for responding to my question guys! Appreciate all of your replies. I'm happy that I can talk and express my opinion freely on this subject. It's a very sensitive subject and hardly can be discussed in my country. I'm sure there are people in my country that would listen with open arms but majority would not.

If I don't return to GS anytime soon that probably means I have pissed off the God that I have been trained to believe in. 

Thanks again!
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