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What body type is sexier?
Of the ones BigCub posted I'd have to say the swimmer wins for me. Otters are hotter <3 (though shouldn't he be more hairy if he's an otter? :p) Ripped is nice too, and a little chubbiness can be really cute (especially a turn-on if he's bigger and taller than me). The built/bodybuilder/obese/bear types don't do anything for me. And of course the right smile can make me melt.
BigCub Wrote:[Image: body+type.jpg]

The bottom 4 (Built fat, Chubby fat, obese fat & Strong fat) are the only ones that even peak my interest. Actually they do a lot more than peak my interest. All the others might as well be a 12 year old girl because they don't even get a second glance out of me. They could be buck neked, covered in baby oil, holding a box of Godiva & telling me they are here to make all my dreams come true & I would thank them kindly for their offer but ask them to now leave.
I like my men to have a light athletic build. Not skinny, but a little on the thin side, defined but not bulging muscles. The sort of man that makes me think sinewy, lithe, like a jaguar. Tan or not doesn't matter and, the hair has to be one of the two patterns I find hot; either bare chest and abs or moderate chest hair with a happy trail down his abs.

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