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What do you call your man?
CCRox Wrote:Love your stroking technique! Yllove

Omgosh lol Rofl . This made me laugh so hard.

... I can't help that I'm so gifted... at what I do... lol Roflmao
Odi....I like the hubby and husband thing. And the King because he calls me his Prince.
imaginary lol
Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks again for all the great responses on this. I did finally come up with a nickname for him. I call him "Tiger" :biggrin:
What's wrong in calling him his real name?
I just call my partner by his first name (Michael or sometime Mike). We have a good friend whos name is also Michael, so things can get a bit confusing for them when I call out the name, they both answer. So when the 3 of us are together I call my partner "Proper Mike" and our friend "Other Mike"
sweetie hon honey sweetness gorgeous
Teox Wrote:What's wrong in calling him his real name?

Nothing at all. It's just I wanted a nickname for him too, since he had one for me.
Usually Love but sometimes Baby, Handsome, Sexy. (When I have a man to call anything.)

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