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What do you think of the _______ word?
Ok, so what do you think of the _______ word? For gay men, it would be the "f" word, and for lesbians it would be the "d" word.

Do you think that it should never be used by anyone, gay or straight?

Do you think that gay men or lesbians have the right to use those words?

Perhaps it's the context or tone of the word? How it's used? Who is using it?

What are your opinions?
You know, I've always been unclear on whether the d-word was offensive or not. When I was new on the lesbian scene more than one affectionately called me a "baby dyke" and I thought it was usually meant as a compliment and/or just meaning I was new. Some proudly use the word while others bristle at it. I basically just go by the tone of voice (and context) than the word itself, no matter the orientation of the one using it.

I don't use the f-word because it was used so much against boys in a derogatory way when I was growing up. But I understand the philosophy of "reclaiming words" and I can adapt to those who WANT to be called that.
call me what u want behind my back ,,,i just find it humerous ,,even to my face by a mate is funny ,,just dont come rude and say it without knowing me,, , not because of the word but no one would want to be insulted by a complete stranger no matter what
I suppose it depends on context to a certain extent for me, but the "f-word" (how quaint Wink ) is not one I like to hear used. Strangely, though, as an insult it doesn't carry the same weight for me as the word, "poof", which is what I grew up hearing and was more generally used in England in my younger days.
Phone Convo at work today with a collegue.

ME - 'What do you want????'
Col- 'I wanto speak to the fag that runs the place.'
ME - Campest possible voice 'So what is you want daaaaarlin.'

Raptuous laughter on both ends of the phone.

Words are just words and can only be used as weapons against the thin skinned people. You can have a laugh, you can be offended, but showing offence to a certain arrangement of alphabetical letters only makes you are target.

Water off a ducks back.
I tough you ment 'F_ck' word. But isn't fag and gay really the same word? Maybe not in British but. I haven't really been exposed to the word but I think it just sounds more offensive to say fag or fagot then gay, that sounds ratter happy in comparison.
I'm a big fan of "language reclamation" . . . Might as well take it, make it ours, and make it mean something wholly beautiful and different to us.

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