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What does this mean?
I never had Anal sex before only Oral. When i have sex with a girl i like to be in control. but if i ever found someone to have gay sex with i would want to be all time catcher. is that normal?
It seems normal to me - you like different aspects and possibilities from both sexes Smile women can't fuck you without toys, so therefore when you consider the possibilities of a male fantasy it's almost bound to crop up.

Some people change over time between roles, start out bottom and end up top (pitcher/catcher) it just develops over time depending on the person and what you're in the mood for. It's hard to give hard answers on things like this because it's really just a unique preference. Chances are if you're good with women you will eventually get more than a few opportunities and offers to be top; it's considered quite a catch...
I think that means that you´ve to find your own way ... normal .. whats normal ? Lets say that all things are normal you and a partner wants to do without hurt another - in mind and/or body.
And you will see, that you´re only at the beginning to explore yourself.. your wishes... whatever.
Sometimes you want to be a part how acts - with a girl .. and sometimes you are a part who wants to feel safe... and loved - with a guy.
Well, why wouldnt it be? I think you can experience a better and more complete pleasure when you are with a guy, so you just let him do the work you know. No, that sounded too...rough. What I wanted to say is that a guy can always bring you over the higher top. The highest. So...

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