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What film makes you cry
somebody just gave me boy in the striped pyjamas - is it that sad ? not watched it yet, he gave it me with a bunch of other films
I get really emotional at any sad/soppy film, even when I watched Night at the Museum 2! lol.

I don't cry, but I'll have a tear in my eye tehe.
Robertson Wrote:have to agree with twazzel on this one;

i also cried at the rugrats film

FINALLY -Doesn't feel like such a freak!!!! :biggrin:
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
matty7 Wrote:somebody just gave me boy in the striped pyjamas - is it that sad ? not watched it yet, he gave it me with a bunch of other films
omg yes, mandy promised me that ********** your not getting to know and then i seen it and i dived for the tissues and the remote to turn it because i didnt want to see it, watch it now

and crying at rugrats is not freekish, everyone does they just dont admit it
Anything where will smith cries
I've never cried watching a film! Smile
The closest I've come to crying must of been "AI", Only when the kid/robot is Crying for his mummy to come back(when she's abandoning him in the woods).

I always found Titanic funny, I'd laugh at all the people dying. >Smile
(i'm so sadistic sometimes!)
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I've never really started to cry during a film.
Although one film got me really sad and watery eyes.
Lost and Delirious. Its a really good film!
For the person talking about NIGHT in the Museum 2...i've watched it, & i didn't C any sad bits in it 2 cry about!
i just watched The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas,

im proper gutted, the ending is so sad, cant spoil it for others but when he holds his friends hand i defy anyone not to fill up a little bit - gonna have to watch Super Bad again to make me laugh n chear me up now

There's also SECRETS AND LIES.

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