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What film makes you cry
Oh, yes I did, but SECRETS and LIES was a new entry...Rolleyes
in what I have no cry? I am way too emotional... I cry in "I am Sam", "Legally Blonde", "HSM", "Latter days", "Titanic", "Toy story 2", "The lion king", "Riding in cars with boys", "The exorcism of Emily Rose", "The parent trap", "The sleeping beauty" but the one that make me cry like nothing in the world is "The fox and the hound", I cry at the beggining, at the climax, and at the end... I think I cry too much

XOXO, me.
I saw a good film not long ago called 'The Great Debators', which was a true story about the fortunes of a debating team at an African American college, set in the Deep South, during the Great Depression. It was very moving, particularly the closing credits, in which it was explained how all the team members went on to experience great success, and photographs of the real team were shown.
Sounds interesting, Lilmy... Thanks for pointing it out. Confusedmile:
The Haunting In Conneticut - yes its a horror film but the guys in the chat last night will know where im coming from, that movie scared the crap out of me, yes the thread is about crying at movies but if that film whent on any longer then id have got pretty damn close Smile

im goin back to comedys for a while now
Well where do i start, i dont know about everyone else but when i watch a movie i kinda put myself in it to enjoy it more, i dont critic movies and i dont really care to much for acting, if the film makes me happy then its a good film by me, so when i watch a film and i get sad and cry i fell it has also been a good film to have sparked that emotion. I am not an emotionally broken guy, i dont just cry for no reason, but im not scared to cry in front of people when i reall do find summit sad, makes me feel better so i do it.


World Trade Centre (Cried formost of this at the cinema as its a subject tha changed the out look of my life, its what spured me to join the army mainly and why i volountered for iraq but thats anouther story)

Marly & Me (the ending, the straight guys tried to hide their tears)
Armagedon (ending)
Into The Wild (Ending)
Black Hawk Down (2 scenes)
Transofrmers 2 (Optimus and Sam part) Tongue
Pay It Forward

i cant think of the others, my minds gone blank....

I need a guy whose name doesn't end in .JPG

так что вы приняли время для перевода этого

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
Films that make me cry are:

P.S. I love you
A walk to remember
Like a Hurricane

They're just awesome and sweet and tragic *_*
"The Family Stone". Especially the scene where Diane Keaton signs to her deaf son "I love You."
Andy88 Wrote:Films that make me cry are:

P.S. I love you
A walk to remember
Like a Hurricane

They're just awesome and sweet and tragic *_*

I think we're a match made in heaven. I cry like a bitch at three of those.

But because I AM a bitch, I cry at most anything these days. Even Titanic, still.

Green Mile gets me each time, too.

Dan x
prayers for bobby !!! im watchin it now, very sad film

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