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What first attracted you to the male physique?
i think it was hairy legs .. damn even up to now im still a sucker for hairy legs .. i could do away with any part of the male body and i know that attraction to muscled body types is normal for every man "hero worship" ... but man, when i see hairy legs .. im like .. ogle .. drool .. warning my man energy is up .. libido rising .. i remember the first time i saw i got attracted to this was when i saw it on my dad's friend .. normally when my dad was younger he would invite his friends over at our place for a game of dominoes and beer, that's when i saw one of his friends with all leg hair exposed i was like O_O damn .. that is a man ..
Yes, hairy legs are very very sexy!

I can't remember there having been any one thing I first noticed, more than others. The whole male body has always been arousing and attractive to me.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
Me... I'm not a hair person... Some hair is fine but less is more for me...

To best describe what I'm attracted to are "normal" guys... Not big muscle heads, not twinks exactly... A little belly on a guy can be very sexy in my eyes... Things that a lot of guys, including myself worry about is something I think of as a highlight.

Most of the guys that other guys find hot I often are like meh... I look for less aggressive looks... so the muscle bear or whatever label you want to call it, isn't my cup of tea.. I prefer guys around my age. I guess that sums it up....

As far as the first thing I ever noticed... Well there was a guy changing in the locker room, he had a very nice ass...he was wearing boxer briefs, had a somewhat slender build and a cute smile.

I wish I was a tad more outgoing back then I would have found myself next to him and maybe accidentally grab his ass...
axle2152 Wrote:A little belly on a guy can be very sexy in my eyes... Things that a lot of guys, including myself worry about is something I think of as a highlight.

I have to say... I know this man, who has quite a belly on him -- in every other respect his weight is completely normal, but that abdominal area is rather prominent on him. And he is very attractive and beautiful. He's stunning, actually (by who he is). I'm not attracted to men having such abdominal fat in principle, but it is a non-issue in my opinion.

PS. What I can't stand is those gay guys who choose men by such artificial standards. Those who strike off men who are a bit overweight, who don't have enough muscle, have hair in places they don't like, or a penis one inch smaller than some abstract measure they've come up with, etc. I always wonder if such guys ever met and talked to an actual real life man out there. Because such attitude does not seem real to me.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
The flex of thigh muscles when they walk. At least, that's the first thing I *remember* drawing my attention to the male physique.
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
Unapologetically attracted to toned, athletic men. I grew up at the beach, played sports all through school, ive always been attracted to fit bodies and athleticism and physical strength in men.
Yeah I love hairy legs there's just something about them...but I honestly can't think of what first attracted me to men. I remember being young and seeing guys walking down the street shirtless in summer and I remember enjoying looking at their chests and arms as they walked.
A pair of tight jeans and a flight of stairs.
Boaxy Wrote:I like all types of guys of all shapes and sizes and shades and personalities.

But if we are going by what as a little boy I thought, "yes that's a man", to me just the stockiness and burliness of a man. beer bellies the stern attitude, the full figured, or the dad body type.

Just the dad character of a sitcom. Even with male teachers sometimes lol. That type. I was attracted to that.

The Fred Flintstone, the Archie Bunker the Mr. Belvedere lol.

For me, though, the burly stocky type is everything. I'm not gay, I just like bears.
Gay by nature. Proud by choice.
Feet and nipples. But mostly feet.
I noticed very early that I like feet... and at the age of 9 or 10 I was aware that I was somehow only into male feet. When a cute boy in my school, or sometimes also good looking adult men, were barefoot, I have always been looking at their feet secretly as much as possible.

Only a few years later I was really aware of it, and since I also only ever fell in love with guys, I knew this basically means that I'm gay.

Oh god how much I love feet, but not in the sub/dom concept, more because I think it's the most awesome body part that a man can have, and not all feet are hot, but if they are beautiful (and clean, well maintained and NOT smelly or sweaty), that's totally my #1 thing about the male physique.

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