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What have I done!!!?
I did it! I finally did it!!!!!

I broke down and bought an iPhone!!!!

You may now criticize me xD
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It's okay, I own an iPod....I too am not a big fan of iCrap

/pat XRIMO

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Why would we criticize you? App products are amazing, woah no they are godly! You made a great move!!

I want to get the new iPhone 4gs so bad, I have the 3gs. It'll cost me $700.00 to get it though, it'd have to be unlocked so can use my t-mobile sim chip with it. I've been so close to hit the payment button on apple's website several times, but I think I'll probably beat myself up hard if I really invest 700 on a phone where a new version is going to come out soon. :/

I love apple products, but I'm not that crazy! lol
Not a big fan of Apple, but I have had 2 iPhones and in the market for an iPad 3 shortly because I think they are amazing products (With shit restrictive software)
At least you were not one of those people camped out in front of stores 3 days in advance of their release. I just don't like AT&T's service. That is why I have refused to get one.
they are generally functional, get a zagg screen protector
iPhone4s; did you get a white one?

Fahrenheit //short and to the point weahter report
Skype //i have an account with them
Heart Rate
Pandora, gayfm, girlRadio
various bank applications //some dont work as well as others
grinder, scruff, boyAhoy
iNet //network debug, if you are inclined for this
Yelp //tend to use this
MapQuest (free), TomTom (expensive, does the same thing, a little tbetter
Urbanspoon //nice
photosynth //nice
Find iPhone //need an iCloud account
Scanner Pro
iHandy Level
SurarSync //on all my pc & mac's
QR Reader //use this a lot
Star Walk //nice

-i have the 4 digit entry code enabled
-iCloud is free if you can use it
-free texting to another iPhone (text is blue) otherwise green
-the iPhone will play audio through an Apple AirPort Express wifi
-i have all my email accounts enabled plus work

gayspeak has an app ~$3.00
My girlfriend is a big fan of Apple products. She prefers Mac over Windows and so on. Naturally she has an iPhone.

For a long time, I said I didn't want one mostly because I didn't like the touchscreen idea. But I finally got one when I saw that it was quite affordable (3GS when I got mine was 50 bucks since I started a 2 year contract) and I enjoy it. I haven't used other smartphones, so I don't know how it compares, but I like the phone just fine. It's pretty useful.

I will say Mac's work well, it's just they're pretty strict on what they put in their products, but I guess by eliminating all the customization of mix-matching different brands and parts, you eliminate the random nonsensical errors that happen more frequently on Windows.
Does this mean when I replace my aging Blackberry with an Iphone I have to apologize too?
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I broke down and bought an iPod last week, cause its a really good device. Not a big Apple fan though.
I have an iPhone 4s, I really live their products and cant really use anything else at this point
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