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What is Humanism?
I love you all here at Gayspeak, so this is the only place I go to ask questions. As you know, I am an atheist, but I have found something called Humanism. What are the basic rules to being a Humanist? Can I still be an atheist and be a Humanist at the same time? What is it about?
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Perhaps this will help. And, the way I understand it, yes you can be an atheist and a humanist.
heh, if you really wanna know, you should read a book about it Wink

This looks like a good one:

Once you're done with that, look into Existentialism. It's a bit darker and philosophical but it's so worth it. I read a novel required for course reading in high school - Albert Camus's The Stranger- that introduced me to it. If you read the novel without some introduction to the philosophy, it will make very little sense. The philosophy itself is very odd the first time you encounter it; it will require some digging on your own.

I will recommend "Existentialism for Dummies" to get a general overview first.

If you got extra time on your hands (which I assume you do, when I was 17 I had lots of time lol), pick up a copy of Viktor Frankl's "Men's search for meaning". Viktor frankl is a famous neurologist, psychologist and a Holocaust survivor, known as the founder of "third viennesse school of psychotherapy" (first school being Sigmund Freud's "pleasure principle", second being Alfred Adler's "individual psychology") You could also read this one first or second as it's easier to read with the biographical materials in the book.

There you go! A short reading list but will take a big of time to digest them. If you can finish them, I can guarantee it will change you and you will have a new perspective on life.

Being good without god.
Using science to understand the universe.
Using ethics and empathy in your interactions.

For me, atheism is about belief, agnosticism is about knowledge, and humanism is about values. What is your motivation in your dealings, actions, and interactions?

Here's the American Humanist LGBT site if you're interested.

I was introduced to humanism here by one of our members, marshlander. British humanism site.

Here's their video: An introduction to Humanism

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For me Humanism has nothing to do with religion.... it is a system of values which is oriented to the dignity of Human as a Human.

The German Basic Laws starts with:

§1 The dignity of man is inviolable

That means: No one shall be discriminated because of his religion, gender, age, race, sexual orientation....

No conviction without trial

Torture and the death penalty violate the human dignity

and so on....

Short: Humanism is to protect a individual Human from Humans
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Humanism is more of a philosophy and/or code of ethics (essentially the Golden Rule), not a religion or belief in mystical forces, so yes the two mesh together very well.
im just dead confused but reading between the lines it sounds kinda peaceful as a religion/cult and might be worth having a look at as i like the idea of handing out HUGZ Smile
I think most religious people secretly wish their religion could be as peaceful, sensible, and enlightened as humanism. :tongue:
Pix Wrote:I think most religious people secretly wish their religion could be as peaceful, sensible, and enlightened as humanism. :tongue:

I would say if i practiced a religion i would make it how i wanted it to be and how i understood it to be.. I havent heard of humanism however if it is accepting of all it cant be that bad but as a skeptic if you accept all... Wheres the bad come into it to balance the books out?
zeon Wrote:Wheres the bad come into it to balance the books out?

Ethics by reason rather than fiat. VERY short & sweet it looks at how society is better for everyone if people can trust each other and not try to impose their decrees (especially religious ones) on each other, and that makes it very accepting. OTOH as one is supposed to use reason rather than "someone says it, I believe it, that settles it" then many of the particulars are open to debate. For example, which is more harmful, drug prohibition or drug decriminalization? Do children have the mental skills and maturity to agree to a contract or do they need time to mature and learn before having all the rights & responsibilities of citizenship? Is society harmed if children are allowed to work in sweat shops? Unlike most religions they allow reasonable debate (as opposed to "what's actually meant by this obscure verse...") to decide, and so no they don't accept child rapists, slavers, etc (btw, there are Bible verses that DO, and we have the age of enlightenment to thank for why Christians are no longer, for the most part, this barbaric still). And if it's wrong it CAN be questioned...not simply reinterpreted without reason and based simply on one's own prejudices (or prejudices inflicted on a victim of religious abuse).

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