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What is WRONG with gay guys in their 20's?
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I guess I'm in a similar situation, and I joined this board tonight just to vent. I'm 23, and have been looking for "the one" for several months now. I've had some amazing nights, but it seems all too many guys like to play games or just aren't into committing. I had a 25 yo straight-turned-curious-turned-religious-sinner, and a 21 yo who ended a 10 year straight relationship and turned to the M4M section on CL, whom I found 6 months and multiple partners later. I've had to move a few hours away, and he has broken all communication - and I am having trouble understanding why. Is it really that hard to be comfortable with yourself?
it is nothing wrong ofm gayguy in there 20.but just yiu not found a nice nboyfrind. i hope soon
Unfortunately, for some people it is. When you do find someone, though, I'm sure you will think he was worth the trouble.

Good luck.
ROFLMAO, jatman, you have made my day. It is that epic huh? Well trudge on...
Hell its not just 20yos , its all ages. Once in awhile you will find a guy that will be your soulmate and you just need to hold onto him and make it work. As they say there are lots and lots of fish in the sea but ya just gotta catch the right one. I also have learned that it will come around when you do not suspect it to happen...don't give up Confusedmile:
Most people are messed up and stupid and all sorts of negative things.
Which makes dating just awful for most people.
A friend and I were talking the other day about how for the first two weeks ppl seem fine and they are nice and then after that they let all the crazy out, and I find that to be very true.

That is why I have stayed away from dating though I occasionally really wanna go back into it because of loneliness but I can never bring myself to actually do it.

If you really, really want a good relationship you will just have to keep on looking through all the crazies out there. Patience is key.
Hey there! welcome to the forums! I'm 27 and i've been through a bad relationship and i'm out now and done trying to find 'the one.' I'm dating here and there now, but not taking it seriously. looking for a guy to complete me is kinda how i got into my last messy relationship. As aweful as the notion is to me, i'm realizing i have to be a full person too.. who knows how long that will take Smile

I say start doing more activities that you're interested in, and by getting out there you'll meet a guy with similar interests. Online dating can be okay too.. but i like to at least chat and get to know the guy first before meeting him in person. the ones who are quiet online are usually the annoying f'ed ones.

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