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What is the purpose of your life?
Hi guys Smile

What is the purpose/motto of your life? Smile

Mines to settle down with my loved one (if i'm able to find him hopefully) and lead a private life and to involve in some charity work Smile

What's yours? 1blue1
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I havent found mine yet. I turned my life around 4 yrs ago after some bad decisions headed in the wrong direction. I'm concentrating on living a good life harming no one or myself and doing more good than harm everyday. May some of us never find a purpose
To put it in the simplest terms possible, I am a healer. It took me some time to accept it, but now I am going to finish school and spend the rest of my days as a physician.

This isn't going to end well.

Feel free to use it as a quote.

Purpose in life? None. I opted out of the gene pool, and there is only one purpose to life and one purpose only, to insure the survival of the DNA. If you ain't doing that your purpose is no longer.

And of course that isn't going to end well.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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The purpose...I hope that I succeeded in whatever I came here to do...and then I want to go back to my own planetSpit
I really wish I can answer that question but I don't really know. I guess just to live it up and be happy
I wouldn't be sure since things change almost all the time. But I would like to say it's to help people whenever I can and to hopefully use what I've learned from life experiences, and give to others to smooth out things for them.
I put this in my interview thread earlier today, but I think it pretty much covers why I think I'm here.

"I don't expect to impact the world in major ways, but more like chaos theory and the flapping of a butterfly's wings... I hope the small things I do to help others or lift others spirits will spread outward and grow as each act is sent out into the world. I hope, in that way, that I make the world a better place."
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It's the flow of evolution for everything; from the singular to the multiple; from the simple to the increasingly complex. The purpose of life is to transform energy and the thrust of evolution is toward increasingly higher dimensions of awareness.

I understand your point, Bowyn Aerrow, but there's more to it than just the transmission of DNA. If that is all that was needed, we'd still be howling at the moon. No, there's a direction to it, you can see it. Life wishes to become increasingly sensitive, perceptive, conscious and aware.

I maintain that is our purpose (both individually and collectively). Whether we're fulfilling it or not, that's a whole other question.
My purpose in life is thus,

and I mean it too

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