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What is your alter ego?
After some thinking i come down to these:
a. from what i ve been told people think of me as the funny chap and they were surprised that i am quite an insightful person in a way someone wouldn't normally expect.

b. There is something innocent in the way i look but i can be quite dirty when the right occasion arise.A bit kinky even, dont imagine something too heavy though! lol

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



RL me, and internet me.
We're exactly the same in attitude and such, I act like I AM on the net (sometimes, sometimes (I'm stuck-up, bratty, a show off, and just a douchbag. lol Which isn't me.) I'm actually very old fashioned and polite. I'm totally an old soul except in my beliefs style. It's like 20s but my modern version. Like I'm totally accepting and as nonjudgemental as possible, yet I am very polite and gentleman like, I suppose.
I am my alter ego.

As many of you know Penny is not my real name. Penny is my out and proud alter ego - she is not all that different to me in most ways other than that everybody who knows Penny knows she is Bi, not everybody who knows 'me' does.

Penny goes out and meets new people and oozes confidence (often helped along by a little JD!) and is generally 'out there'. 'Me' picks up where Penny left off if I like and to some respects trust the person I have met. Not once has anyone been offended or off-put by the 2 names - I am fundamentally the same person in each name.

I would also say I have a number of different personas within 'me'. Like having a telephone voice. I have a persona for dealing with horses, one for when I'm teachng or dealing with clients and one for with friends, along with, I am sure, many more.

There is also my shitty and pathetic alter ego whom I should probably give a name too (suggestions on a postcard please). SHe appears when life starts to go tits up and is usually accompanied by WLM trying to pick up the pieces!! Bighug
Luckily she doesn't appear all that often but she can burst onto the scene with avengence.
I'm different around different groups. I'm calm, well spoken and quite reserved at work, because I feel thats how I should be in my job. With mates i can be quite chatty, and a bit more loud. I swear like no tomoro at football too Laugh
I have a dirty mind around my girls at work and around my mate colin... and martin.

But around Ian I try to be innocent, although we both are a tad dirty minded at times, we're both pretty much the same in that dept. Colin brings the devil out of us :biggrin:

Obviously being in management I am different in work to my work mates than I am to them outside of work, so there's that aspect of me too.

Some colleagues really know how to press my buttons and turn me into a monster though. They just piss me off so so much that no matter what they say to me whether it's good or bad, I just dislike them so much that I find it hard to be civil. So yet another side to me.

God i'm turning into a cube...
Diablotin Smurlos
[SIZE=2]The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse to the trap gets the cheese[/SIZE]
Some people are like slinkys - not really good for anything but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs! Diablotin
Ganz ohne Drogen geht es nicht, es wird immer so sein.
Und Jesus sah das genauso, denn aus Wasser machte er Wein Wink
Smurlos Wrote:...God i'm turning into a cube...

It's that cold, is it? Knuddel
I always used to have multiple aspects that I would present to different people ... so there was one "me" at work - a very quiet and subdued one actually ... and then there was another "me" online, and a third "me" when I was with my mates or family ...

... but since I came out I've blurred the lines between them, and am now pretty-much "me" all the time ... and the "me" I am is the real me ... so I don't really have an alter-ego per se these days ...

... EXCEPT the obvious one, which is when I'm watching the man I love and crave more than life itself fawning over his girlfriend ... and that's not a me I'm proud of, but it's an honest and sincere me nonetheless.

... just because you can subdue a voice inside your head, doesn't mean it doesn't still whisper to you from time to time.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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