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What s missing from your country ?
What we all can agree with is that there have been more or less private clubs that offer HIV/AIDS ( dont know the difference ) tests and advices , security is efficient and friendly to the Lgbt costumers ( you are safe to take a cab or a buss they ll keep an eye out ) No minors allowed which is good
What has not changed anywhere is going to the police and report ex boyfriends beating you up . If you tell them you are gay , they will crack a smile wash their hands and maybe they will look into this ( to rough for you to handle ? ) . I dont expect that attitude to change unless there is a special wing inside the police departments that handle gay crimes. I dont want to be treated less then i already feel . If i was beaten down it doesnt matter if i m gay or not but that s nothing
The real problem is that i want my urologist to know everything , that im bisexual that i have been having gay sex and want to be healthy down there. I went to an LGBTQAI head quarters support group and there isnt a map where gay people can go to lgbtq friendly doctors

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