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What's up?
Hi peeps! I just got referred here from Google, (thank you so much) and judging by the look s of the community, we're still alive! I look forward to spending many lonely nights on this site.

If you'd like to chat, add me on:
Skype - itzanthonyz
Cell phone - Ask me or PM me!
I only take texts, no calls!

Basic Background:
Ethnicity: Oriental / Hispanic
Height: 5'9
Build: Average

I hope I didn't miss any do-nots. If so please don't ban me. .-.
I look forward to your replies!
Welcome to the site, You will find some really awesome friends here Smile
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hello and Welcome to G.S. and our supporting community.
I am sure you will make friends here.
Welcome Enjoy using Gayspeak Confusedmile:
Hi Welcome to GS. Confusedmile:
Welcome and hello Confusedmile:
Thanks, guys. Cool
welcome to GS! your title asked what's up and, for me on Saturday's, that means shopping. in Georgia where i live, autumn is filled with yard sales and i had a great time poking around
and buying a few things. i was so tickled (Georgia speak for Elated) when the ladies suggested
a hand bag for me. i wasn't looking for one, but bought it just because of their willingness to
accept me as i am.

glad to have you here and hope u find it to be home as i have.

hugz n smoochies!


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