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What to make of this?
Recently I have gone to some porn places with a male friend of mine and when we have gone into them this friend of mine will go look at dildos. I didn't think anything about it at first but when it happened the second time it made me wonder why he wants to check them out right away when we go into the porn place and he will be there for quite a while looking at them.

He had stated that he once was with a male friend and that they were drinking and that both of them were in the bathtub together nude. He later said that they both had their boxers on. He also said that when he has gone to a pron shop that him and another male friend checked out some videos together and went into a booth. It sounded like they both were in the same booth. Again., he later changed it to say that they were both checking out videos in separate booths.

What do you make of all of this?
Even if this does all mean he is gay and not out, it really isn't something that I think anyone could give you advice on without knowing the situation intimately.

He might be fishing for reassurances that his being gay wouldn't really change your opinion on him; that its OK. Maybe he doesn't really mean to let 'the signs' out, and confronting him on it might be a bad idea.. hard to say. Maybe hes straight and you're just making too much of the situation.

Personally, it sounds to me like you have a nervous friend who is in the closet, and is sort of 'testing the waters', but then again, this is a judgement you have to make. He is your friend, not mine, and I don't know him.

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