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What would you do for them?
If you were dating someone and your attracted to them but they either have a hairy chest or something that turns you off when you see each other naked or something that turns you off clothes on or off. Would you ask them to either shave or w/e it is that is turning you off?

I'm attracted to this guy but he has a hairy chest not like super hairy its a lil bit but it kinda turns me off. If me and this guy get serious, like 2 months down the road or if I know it's gonna go some where good, should I ask him to shave?
You could ask him and if it bothers you that much you probably should ask but also be prepared for him to react to your request in whatever manner he chooses and be willing to accept his reaction.

He might understand and do what you ask
He might have low self esteem and a poor body image and be grateful for the request.
He might think you are shallow.
He might resent that you asked him to change something and if he actually does it he might resent you even more
He might see it as an opportunity to tell you what is "wrong" with you..can you handle it?
He might wonder if this is just the beginning of things he needs to change and call it quits.

I am just throwing those possible reactions out there to help you think about it before you make a decision.

Good Luck! It is good to know what you can and cannot accept in a mate and put it on the table...saves everyone alot of time.

To answer the specific question...there are definite personality traits that are unacceptable to me and I would not ask them to change...I would just not pursue it any further. The only physical thing I can think of is weird...feet. I hate seeing bare feet in sandals. I might ask him not to wear sandals.:biggrin: I might also have a problem if they didn't take a shower daily and yeah...I would bring it up. Everyone is different though...different things bother different people.
Chest hair is a huge turn off for me. I wouldn't expect anyone to shave their chest just for me, as I woudn't do the same for them.
Ok you ask him to shave, does that mean for the duration of the relationship he has to keep trimming his chest hair??

Personally I'd not ask someone to do that, nor would I do it if asked, but then I'm a hairy bugger who likes other hairy buggers!
Have a plan B if he says no.

Everyone is so different, my partner asked me not to shave.

Basically he shares his body with your so you should have some debs into its maintenance. I think you should express your preference to him. He could you shave him.
Thanks guys! I know it weird to ask someone to do something or to change something about them, though it is nothing major I am asking him to do, but if we become more serious or I see that we are seeing a lot of each other than I will bring it up Smile thanks again!
Lets see now men and hair , right?
I would never expect a man to shave , wax or pluck anything for me.

After all he is a man not a boy.

If you are attracted to him , then do try to approach the subject with some decorum, before you engage in the horizontal samba.
Or you might end up with the most common response "You did not mind it last night, now did you?"

Just saying is all, no offense or harm meant.
I'm with this guy, he's perfect in every way, well almost - but that's ok, I can change him.

That sort of thing doesn't work - ever.

If my Partner asked me to shave much chest because I'm hot, but only with a shaved chest I would pack his stuff for him and show him the street.

Love me, love my hair - and my dog too.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I 'might' be inclined to shave my chest as a one off, and put up with the itching as it grew back, but I certainly wouldn't make it a prerequisite for a relationship with anyone. Take me as you find me or not at all.
Anyone caught shaving my chest whilst I'm asleep will get my foot up their behind and shown the door! :biggrin:
the only hair where I ask my guy to shave is his goatee. sometimes it doesn't look pleasant and I just tell him to shave it off. He usually complies though.

though shaving isnt really necessary for a relationship to be. I think it should be the feelings that matter the most.

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