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What would you do if...
Even half of that list would be enough to end things, but I know it can be hard when the heart is involved. Better to wake up later than not at all though, and I wish you luck in finding someone that treats you with respect
this is easy do the SAME thing! that will teach him a lesson Wink
I wouldn't hang around, I'd be moving on to new pastures. Respect is clearly an issue for him.
I don't know what else I can offer you that hasn't already been need to end this. He is abusing you.

your bf's friends humiliated you in front of his friends behind your back, even though you never did anything back to his friends?

your bf didn't stand up for you when his friends stompped all over you

This is a definite dealbreaker with no room for discussion. If this guy allows this to happen and says nothing...get rid of!

46-year-old circuit party boy

Oh my:eek:...I always wondered what happened to them after turning never occurred to me that they would continue! That can't be pretty.

Good Luck to you!
ummm that's when you seriously need to ask yourself is this guy really worth it? it sounds like he has you tied to the back of a jeep and is running you through the mud.... i know it seems very hard right now but dump his @$$....its gonna seem lonely at first but i can tell you this from experience there is another guy out there that will treat you right and love you exactly for what you are and what you desire in a mate. good luck! and remember dont give up on love!

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