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When bullies apologise
An apology isn't always good enough, but it's beautiful when something like this occurs. What's really good is those who truly repent of what they've done can become the most dedicated to standing against it in the future, that is in this case standing up for others who are bullied, and perhaps the best person to try to deal with (or, if even possible, reason with) bullies.
I was bullied a bit when I was going through and on. Mostly in elementary and middle school. Seems that after we moved and got older there was a little less drama but I also never was in with the popular crowd. I think a lot of those experiences is what made me more introverted, so the whole bullying crap does have an impact. I was always told "Ignore them." I guess that's all you can do because if you retaliate these days your kid will be expelled and put in handcuffs. I do think we overprotect kids and when they get out in the real world they're too soft and unable to deal with any criticism...

Looking back at all that I don't really have any emotions about it anymore, but I don't dismiss the fact that all those bad things did one way or another shape who I am one way or another.
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I apologised to a boy I used to pick on at school (he was actually one of the only people I felt comfortable around and could talk to). He said ge didn't really take me seriously at the time because I was so strange.

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