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When did you realise you were gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgrander or pansexual
I realised I was gay when I was at school when I started to fantasize about kissing boys and dating boys. I had no interest in girls what so ever, and when I meet my first boyfriend and kissed him I was on cloud nine. I am proud to be gay!
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For me, I don't think it really dawned on me because I for a long time didn't really know what gay was. But I did find myself being attracted to guys as far back as 6th grade...but I was also at that time attracted to girls too... It wasn't really until 8th grade when we moved down here that I really noticed guys, like in the locker room...I've stared at a lot of butts and bulges...Kind of hard not to look Tongue
11/12 years old... liked girls first, liked guys after, within months though.
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I knew I was seriously attracted to guys by the time I was 14. It took me a few months to work it out in my head, but once I did I immediately came out to anyone who would listen. IDK, I guess I was too young to worry about consequences, which may not be that bad a thing because I never went through all the agonizing that many guys do. It made perfect sense to me to come out, because how would I get a bf if they didn't know I was gay.
"That's just the way it is
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That's just the way it is
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~~~~~~~~Bruce Hornsby,, "That's Just The Way It Is"
It was 15 for me. Since then, I had interest in both boys and girls. Recently, I decided that I am definitely gay because now I don't have interest in women.
I first thought I was gay.
Realized in my mid-teens i was bisexual.
Then came to the realization (with [MENTION=20938]Gideon[/MENTION]'s help) that I'm pansexual once I'd come to fully understand the definition (a few years ago).
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I think I first realised I was gay age 11, at the end of primary school, beginning of secondary school. I remember fancying a girl in the final year of primary school, but she was kind of boyish in her looks (which now makes so much sense). I then discovered porn, and though it was straight porn I "stumbled" across, I found myself wanting to see more of the men, and being very much more interested in the men in the porn. I then discovered gay porn and the rest is history.

I then spent the next several years in denial, hoping my feelings would go away, feeling I would never be able to come out or live my life as a gay man. But I knew my sexuality, deep down, from before my teens.
I didn't realize it until the last year of college/university. Due to having a... different teenage experience than most I had no interesting in sex/dating at all until college. I thought I was into girls but after nearly a year of just really awkward dates, I realized I was just not interested. That's also when I figured out I liked dudes. I wasn't completely sure but I tried going on dates with dudes and I was just so much more into it. It definitely helps that I was a huge supporter of the community before I realized I was part of it. I never had any self hate due to the gay thing and it didn't take me very long to come out. I surprisingly didn't get any hate from anyone on campus (of only 1100 students) even though I was in a fraternity.
Despite what Darius might say about this, but I knew since I was 11. It wasn't some big revelation either. I started getting attracted to boys in my class, boys in the streets, boy on tv shows, etc.
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About 8 or 9. Remember that was about 60 yers ago so realizing and doing something about it were two very different things.
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