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When do you think men lose their virginity?
Is it during ejaculation or penetration? And I speak of penile virginity because men are naturally designed to be the initiator not the respondent.
To me it's when you do anything sexual with another man ie. oral sex, jacking them off, not exclusively anal sex. Not that it really matters anyway.
Women lose their virginity when they break their hymen, so i just thought that it might be analogous to think that for men, is that they lose their virginity during the first time they get their pipes get cleaned out (not counting nocturnal emissions). It all has to do with "breaking out," for women, breaking their hymen, for men, breaking out their semen. x
I guess with gay men it's all about how you look at it. Some gay men find anal sex repulsive or they find it's just not for them. So, maybe if they cum with someone else that's how they lose their virginity. Alternatively, if you only fancy yourself a top only, then penetrating someone else is you losing your virginity. And bottoms respectively. Only time I've ever slept with another guy we just fooled around a little, I sucked him off a bit, he sucked me off a bit. Neither of us came. So, I guess, I'm a half-virgin in that department lol
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There's no male equivalent to female "virginity". The whole concept is more of a social construct based on an observed anatomical change build solely to keep women in check so they could be traded like assets with greater added value.

Keeping this in mind, we could equate male loss of virginity to the first time he penetrated/got penetrated. Fairly simple.

As for bodily functions, we could pick either I guess, but then we would have to re-define women virginity in those same terms.

That said, the best thing to do is to simply speak on terms of when does each gender reach sexual maturity. For women, a few days before her first period, for men the around when they notice their first nocturnal emissions.
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Thawoods, according to your post guys losing their virginity when they ejaculate would mean that most of them are no longer virgins by about age twelve and there need not have been anyone else present.
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Guys here would probably say that a man is technically never a virgin, but would make fun of you if you never had a girl before.

Mostly cause a lot of men here tend to be what we call a "Gyalis" (Men who sleeps around with Girls), and so if you ain't then you just ain't normal.

But see, I personally feel that any intimate act, even solely alone with yourself, can be considered to be a sort of "de-flowering", in the pure sense of no longer retaining sexual innocence.

Girls just physically have theirs physically measured with the breakage of their hymen.
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Virginity is a vague, ill defined concept.
I tend to just go with "A person has lost their virginity when they identify as having lost it."

Either that, or think of it in terms of having a separate virginity for every individual sexual act.
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Genersis Wrote:Virginity is a vague, ill defined concept.
I tend to just go with "A person has lost their virginity when they identify as having lost it."

Either that, or think of it in terms of having a separate virginity for every individual sexual act.

I can actually agree, tho, not everytime can political etiquette, such as leaving it up to another to solidify to you something that you cannot conceptualize, for the simple fact that there does have to be some level of standardism.

Im typically anti-standardization, but "what someone feels/ tells you" when it comes to certain things, are not always so.

Like with Women's Hymen, it's a literal and physical sign of virginity. So how they feel is one thing, but realistically speaking, a broken hymen signals a loss of physical virginity.

Men are a bit more complicated, but what is, just is sometimes.
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I have dated girls in the past but I had sex and slept with my husband to be. It doesn't matter if he penetrate me, ejecting his semen, he took my virginity. Glad that he did Wink

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