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When was the last time you cried?
Hey guys when was the last time you cried?
An eye for an eye
I cry all the time lol.

I cried when Havok died in X-Men Apocalypse, which I purchase and watch like 2 days ago.

I cry when I see cute couples on Tumblr and Instagram and just today at work cause of the Christmas tree downstairs in the lobby.

I'm not overly emotional, but I can definitely say I'm a healthy crier;

And thankfully not a bottled up robot soldier like society says men should be.

I feel a lot healthier mentally than a lot of my peers from school who I see now, with lots of visible emotional scars and baggage, even if they are "beating up pussies" and what not and claim to be happy .

Shed a tear bitches, it'd do ya body good Sheep
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

I cry myself to sleep every night
What happened?
Oddly, perhaps, I find it easy to cry over fiction (reading a book, watching a show) than anything in real life. I think it's that in real life I'm having to manage it and keep self-control whereas when I'm into a story then I'm all relaxed and my own reaction and choices don't matter, therefore there's nothing to stop me.
I cry much more than I used to years ago. I cried, well earlier today because I miss my former best friend, but he's dangerous.
earlier today while looking at pictures of an ex
[Image: 23-taurus.w529.h352.gif]
Errrm a little less than a year ago I think and that was just a couple of stoic tears man, nothing intense.

It's honestly difficult for me to cry now even if I feel like it.
I havent been able to cry in nearly 20 years not since I was real little, I'd like to be able to cry and Ive tried but Im not sure how. I dont remember ever being sad come to think of it, just angry or scared.
[MENTION=17248]Chase[/MENTION] are you just fooling? Or are you sad?
Last year.
I was having a phase where I was quite depressed. Paniced about my life situation.
And at around the same time I think it was, my youngest brother was being a real piece of shit to me and our dad. So much that I moved to my grandmother for a week.
The first few days was pretty sad for me, had a bad conscience about leaving my dad alone with that shit. My dad had also cried a little that evening I think.
The little shit ruined pizza time. I ate a few bites of one piece and just started crying instead.

I hate crying, whenever I do, it's so much Tongue
Last night, watching The Falls.
[Image: MV5BMGQwNjhhZDgtZjE1Ny00NDU4LTg3ZGYtOWYz...00_AL_.jpg]
I weep quite easily when I see a romantic or sad film.

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