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Which Language Makes You Feel the Most About Life?
i was struggling to find a title for this thread so i guess i have to explain further ..maybe we all know how that each language has its own "world" and although they are relatively connected to each other in this world we live in how we see them is shaped by their differences and often contrast with each other in varying vibrant shades of every color. like for example i use english to communicate with the anglophone world (although i am not an original speaker, i was raised to use english as a first language, so it is like a canvas for me to understand other languages) but there are other worlds so different from english (i am speaking from my perspective) that i sometimes, although i don't understand a word of this language i always run to it for comfort and retreat in times of silence or sadness (i am speaking of Japanese) maybe not understanding and finding comfort in simply how i see it despite not understanding it is enough for me to be content. so .. what about you guys .. there might be languages that when you speak it or hear it .. simply makes you proud and happy, cheerful or relaxed that you often run to it for solace ... like for me for example .. spanish often reminds me of strength, french of extravagance .. etc. etc. but Japanese really makes me feel content about life expecially when hearing it through music. please post accordingly from your point of view.
Well I'm dyslexic so it took me years to learn English, I taught myself in the end with a book called toe by toe or something like that. I was about 14 at the time when I could read at an okay level. My spelling and grammar is still rubbish. I'm planning on sorting that out soon.

I really want to learn Spainish, I know I'll never get the accent right but just to go into a tapas bar in Madrid and order a drink etc would be great.

Well back to the Thread though. I think it's got to be Queen's own English. I'm starting to really develop my local accent which I totally love (West Country accent), though some people hate and think it makes us stupid. I think the reason I find grammar hard is because the accent I speak the grammar sounds totally different to what you should write down, quite confusing really, well it's a dialect more than an accent, but it's slowly dieing one. Hmmm just I'm an odd ball but I love the way I talk lol.

Not sure that's what the PO wanted but there you go lol.
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Language is purely a matter of utility to me. About me being able to access people/spaces that interest me. If that "world" doesn't interest me, I won't bother with the language.
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