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Which Rob Lowe would you hit on?
If you saw both of them at a club, which Rob Lowe would you hit on, bro? Regular Rob Lowe or Meathead Rob Lowe?
Meathead Rob Lowe looks like better sex Smile
Both of them.
[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.jpg]

Oh, and to be fair,

[Image: b0a27762319a18805ec00a119f2a67ccddbafb16...ab1cfe.jpg]

I had the worst crush on Rob Lowe some 30 years ago. He was eye candy to be sure, but he did play that self-confident, glib guy we often envied back then.
I have never found him to be the least bit attractive...
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
Neither. George Lowe.
I don't care which Rob Lowe twinkles my toes,,,, it only matters how long it will take me to get them into my basement!!!!! I'm getting old,,, and if they struggle,,, I may have to give up (smile)..
We Have Elvis !!
1980's Rob Lowe.
I'm going for meathead Rob Lowe. He's got better sound than regular, boring Rob Lowe.

I think I'd rather have Chris Lowe.


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