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Which sports do you play?
Which sports do you play?
An eye for an eye
[Image: Wii_Sports_Europe.jpg]

Olympic Sleeping
I bid NO Trump!
LJay Wrote:Olympic Sleeping

A great sport Ljay.
An eye for an eye
Well obviously Cricket lol

It's de bleddy sport England left upon the West Indies, along with the equally popular Football (Soccer for the Americans).

It's mandatory for boys in P.E to play one or both of these, simply for traditions sake and of course for the physical benefits:

However, I actually much prefer Track n Field.

And omg, Chinga! Now I remember back, there was this game we kids played, which is kindy "Sporty", like Quarters, you'd take bottle tops, and whatever, and toss them at the wall and the closest to the wall wins.

And of course "Ball on de Wall"

Which is when you put a Tennis Ball into a Sock and stand afixed to a wall, and flail the ball to and fro upon your left and right side, striking the wall without stop, and if you did, you were out.

... We have a lot of "mini sports", but they're really more popular for kids.
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

Well back in the summer I did swimming, biking and running but I don't like to call them sports as in games...

I have played a little bit of racket ball but I seldom do anything like that...No one around me is my age or like to do that sort of stuff....
I feel like I've posted about this in a similar thread before.
Got a match on Monday. Which we should win without giving away any points. There's 4 series/games in one match, winning each of those games will give the team 1 point, and the team with highest total score will get another point for that. So 5 points is the most you can get.
The team we're playing against is second to last, and they suck Tongue
Though me and my dad will have to play at least 650 total, since the last guy on the team has had shit scores this season Tongue
When I was in school I was on the swim team and track. I still run most days. Not in any formal sense, but I like playing soccer and basketball too.
I actually wanted to try tennis last year xD
If I ever get in a good enough shape, maybe I wil try it.

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