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Who’s cooking?
I’ve just been thinking what I will be roasting for Christmas day, a duck or turkey, in the end it’s got to be a turkey I think? And yes I do the cooking in my relationship, slaving over the stove on Christmas day..! So who does the Christmas cooking in your home?
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In Australia we would always have the 'traditional' english Christmas spread...BUT being summer we have altered our Traditional Christmas meal to suit our climate...It's not nice slaving over a hot stove/oven in 40c summer days.

A traditional Australian lunch and dinner is usually seafood (Prawns, Balmain/Morton Bay Bugs), ham and fresh salad chased down with copious amounts of beer, lowering of inhibitions with the result of not seeing family again until next Christmas.

So I go to work to avoid this.
I have done a lot of duck in the past I love duck, this year I am thinking of trying a goose though.
Maybe some fried cheese.. with some vegetable but honestly I don´t want to spend time on holidays with cooking.
And I really hope that my mother-in-law don´t gets some of her wonderful Ideas.... and invites us to eat some tons of geese or chicken or something other flying. Last time she cooked a rabbit :eek: .... and the year before a Goose.... and said to me: That you can eat that.. its no meat ...its only a Goose.... and than I have to ask her where in their garden I can find the Goose-tree... or are Geese blooming in the earth... ? She was very angry.... maybe its better when I don´t tell her that a Goose is no vegetable ? And that a Goose not change into vegetable if she paint it green ? I hate it is someone don´t respect my dietary habits
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In my family we all do the cooking for holidays.

This Thanksgiving I made a Pecan Pie with Maple, Bourbon Cream from a recipe I saw on a cooking blog, and I made Mulled Apple Cider with Rum.

My brother made the Turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, and his wife made a pumpkin pie.

My mother made a cranberry and pomegranate terrine and a relish tray.

For Christmas it will be the same way, with most of us doing some of the cooking. I have decided that I am going to make a flourless chocolate cake (you make and fold in meringue). Early this autumn I went hiking up into the mountains and gathered buckets full of chokecherries which I made into syrup. I'll open a jar of that and add some white wine for a sauce to pair with the cake.

It sounds like my brother will be making prime rib. His wife will make twice baked potatoes. I don't know what other people are making yet.
Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners are had at the Brother-In-Law's. Each year about 50 family members and friends will shuffle through some years more some years less. Since the family is pretty extended with couples wanting to spend time with each side of their family a lot of folk will stop by, nosh and visit a while, exchange gifts then go off to the next home.

He will BBQ a turkey or two and roast a huge ham or two complete with pine apples, cherries and glaze - it looks nice.

I don't eat pork.... So I can only retell what I have heard that it is a slice of heaven.

The rest of the fixings are parceled out to other family members as by their 'specialty'. Thanksgiving I got slammed with the major baking, I am getting off easy this Christmas only making sweet potato pie (I grow my own sweet potatoes).

I most likely will be making cinnamon rolls - from scratch. That is preparation that will start off around 3 AM so I can mix and knead dough let it rise twice then roll it with cinnamon and sugar, slice and bake. I have been requested to make 4 dozen (48) which actually translates to me making 6 dozen (72) because the Sister-in-law who plans this all out usually underestimates how much food....

I am the chief cook at bottle washer here at home the rest of the year. My partner's cooking skills are grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and McDonald's or similar fat food (I did mean fast:tongueSmile
dfiant Wrote:Morton Bay Bugs

Oh, thank heavens. It is a type of lobster. You had me worried there for a moment.

going to my partners parents so whatever, I don't have to do anything
I love to cook but this year I will be doing the sweet spread, cookies pies, breads fudge and candies.
mmmmm sounds yummy!

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