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Why Japanese beaches are deserted
My, my, they really are that regulated:
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Couldn't the water also be radioactive? Or, polluted from the Fukushima mess?
Makes sense. Swimming in the ocean can be dangerous and live guards are helpful. Once school started every year, which in Oklahoma is the middle of August, my family stopped swimming. We might go once or twice till the end of August but not often. Swimming is a summer thing and once school starts it is no longer summer, so swimming doesn't sound as fun.
This reminded me when Japanese football fans who after seeing their national team defeated in the world cup 2-1 to the ivory coast…… stayed behind to help with the clean up!

Maybe we have a thing or two to learn from the Japanese...
I'm surprised about the jellyfish, I thought the Japanese were supposed to be resistant to pain (recalling a story of a woman giving birth begging for painkillers and the doctor harshly told her to persevere, and of course all the ways they seem to bravely face death, even suicide with Aokigahara, a forest dedicated to those who wish to end their lives).

I never shied from Galveston beach, though I got stung badly sometimes. Some jellyfish sting much worse than others, we get man-o-wars out there and I'm sure I've been stung by those as well. The first time scared me bad and I crawled up on my inflatable raft and cried for someone to take me to shore but no one would. I finally got brave enough to take myself back (as I was floating away).

I got stung bad 3x once. But I'd get bored and get back in (thinking it couldn't happen again). And there were days I didn't get stung at all but I was always braced for it. Being stung sucked but I got used to it.

More on that in case anyone is curious (which lifeguards and such decide which warning flag to fly by swimming out there themselves to see how many times they get stung, the one talking say he got stung at least 14 times in his hour swimming):

Btw, my parents never took me in to be treated, they just had me rub sand on it and rinse it off (which might help a little, often didn't...should've used baking soda, I guess) with some ice (if any was left in the chest). Probably tourists who make the most use of the first aid stations available.

Oh! He mentions those that stung him were Japanese jellyfish, not man-o-war, so the sting wasn't as bad!

Let the Japanese be awed by our bravery.

But then they do take water safety seriously as demonstrated in this anime:

The water is too cold for swimming!
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