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Why my current physiotherapy is something special for me
I thought I share some positive news for once.

Because of issues with my neck, I'm getting physiotherapy once a week. My therapist is rather young, around 30, and not bad looking, but he isn't my type and I don't fancy him.

However, besides the "physical" therapy, it also has some other effects, which he surely won't know about:

No man ever has been so close to me, physically, at least not since I was a small kid and got all the hugs and cuddles and all.
I do well understand that he's only doing his job, and I am not feeling any sexual sensation from it, but it kinda does something else with me.

Surprise #1 : Someone is touching my naked shoulders voluntarily. I have some acne skin there and have been feeling repulsive about this for over a decade. One main reason why I didn't bother with finding a guy yet. One main reason why I was afraid, over more than a decade.
He touched my skin. On the place where it's the worst. Voluntarily.
No, not just when he's doing a therapeutic grasp, but when he explained something and "pointed at them", while explaining. He wouldn't have had to touch them then. But he did. Of course, he is used to a lot with all his patients, but no, he didn't restrict his touches to the therapeutic necessary ones. This experience made my day 2 weeks ago.

Surprise #2 : I enjoy feeling him.
No, again, I don't get horny from it. I don't fancy him, but he's a guy after all and not a bad one, and he feels good.
Today he put some pressure on my muscles, around my ass. His hands were on my ass. I didn't dislike it. I quite liked it. In fact I enjoyed it. Not sexually, but it made me happy. I had to hide a giggle even I guess.
I was often scared that if a guy would touch me that I would be creeped out and would like to run away, but no, I quite liked it. Of course, maybe the fact that I knew that this isn't sexual, helped.. maybe I would still be creeped out if it was in a sexual context, but hey - I enjoyed a man touching me in parts where no man touched me before.

Why I am sharing all this you might wonder, well this is the first time that I am so close to a guy. Yes, he's doing his job, and I'm there for physiotherapy, but that doesn't change the fact that he is touching me, and probably presses more buttons than he thinks he does.
Aquarius, I'm happy you are having a positive experience on all levels. I predict in one of these sessions that you are going to pop wood. Hopefully, you will be on your stomach at the time.

It's nice being touch, isn't it?
Aww honey! That's so adorable.

About acne, psoriasis, birthmarks or other imperfections... We all have them. I understand that the zits may be the only thing you see or feel when you look at or touch yourself, but I promise you your future boyfriend isn't bothered by it at all. Don't feel insecure about your skin and don't let it prevent you from dating.
Gay by nature. Proud by choice.
Maybe you should consider going for a therapeutic massage. I bet it would be very good for you, and pleasurable too.
The gay advisory guy that I'm seeing suggested that to me too today. Good idea indeed, I will keep it in mind!

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