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Why the hell did I message my ex
For fuck sake why did I message my ex on the dating site I'm on. I haven't spoken to them in three years. I noticed on the dating app I'm using they looked at my profile so I said them a message say how's things going? So wish I didn't know. Do I still have feelings for them I don't know. Hopefully they won't message me back. Unlikely though isn't it...
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Hopefully they won't reply, do you want to dredge up the past again though.
An eye for an eye
Hmmm bloody ex's always come out of the wood work when you least expect them.
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Maybe you just wanted to chat about the good times a little. After all just because he's your ex doesn't mean you can't talk to each other. Maybe take a little stroll down memory lane.
Dan1980 Wrote:Hopefully they won't reply, do you want to dredge up the past again though.

I got to remember they said they couldn't see a future with me as they didn't want to be my carer etc.
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^ That right there
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Well, I was just about to say it does depend on how it ended, but after your last post, I can see why you are regretting messaging him...
We ended as friends, but I only really talked to them a few times after we broke up. Hmmm I guess the guy they went out with just a few weeks after has got bored lol.
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Exes are to remain exes. I am friends with one of my exes, actually my first boyfriend. The rest....yeah I have a similar stance to that of Ron Swanson...

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Realistically no, I'm not going to waste my last breath on people I don't like...
I'm also the type to think "ex's should remain ex's"

It also makes me wanna fight for my current relationship because I know myself, once it's done I don't even wanna "stay friends" or else it's just going to complicate things.

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