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Will there be a permanent cure for AIDS in our lifetime?
There will never be any cure against it...
Aester Wrote:There will never be any cure against it...
maybe so but
you have not see what the hiv did to people when it first started
Doesn't matter, there will be no cure against it, and if there will, it will be destroyed
Aester Wrote:Doesn't matter, there will be no cure against it, and if there will, it will be destroyed

By whom?

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Here is a very exciting article I think you all should read regarding the future of HIV
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Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:As Fred said... however small pox was kept in a few laboratories thus it still remains a potential threat to us humans.

The only surviving predator that really poises a threat to humanity is the lowly virus. Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites are readily wiped out with modern medicines in humans. Viruses not so much.

There actually is a growing concern for bacterial infections as well since we abuse antibiotics. Many bacteria are becoming resistant to many types of drugs through constant exposure. Many doctors don't help this situation either since they prescribe antibiotics for the wrong situations. Take penicillin for instance. It worked wonders back in the 1950s and looking at it now, it's nearly useless against many bacteria. If pharmaceutical companies weren’t so greedy and focused on chronic illness medications we would probably see more drugs on the market.

Viral infections are nasty and difficult to combat, prevention is the key.
Hey Story, thanks for posting that article. Confusedmile:

It's pretty wild how some people are resistant to HIV all because of a mutation :eek: This infusion of T cells lacking the receptor seems promising. Therapy would probably take a long time especially if the aim is to replace all infected T cells in the body with new resistant cells. Hope to see and hear more from this in the future.
I hope they are able to find a cure for HIV. Aids is the outcome of being HIV + There are medicines that help to keep HIV in check. I know they are working on finding a cure but as far as I know nothing yet.
Not as long as pharmaceutical companies profit from all of the drugs they use now.

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