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Will this presidency bring the minorities together?
All the minorities have their own problems, but there are a lot of overlap. But yet for the most part we they tend to keep so separate. Just look at the two shootings last year. Once the blacks were shot down no one gave a crap about the night club shooting. With all the bullying at pretty much everyone over the last few days this is just getting uglier and uglier. I can see the minorities standing together (and it's already starting with protests against Trump) but as a bigger whole. If this isn't taken care of I can see a new civil war coming on. I didn't vote for Trump, but I'm willing to give the guy a chance, but he needs to do damage control. He said he was one for all Americans when he won, but he better prove it, and he better do it real fast.
Will minorities come together? Short answer.... No.

Will a civil war break out? Unlikely.... Unless things go to absolute shit, why break out into a civil war when we're all pacified by our instagram and PS4? Just saying. Yeah there are protests but no where near that gaining any traction and the US government, yeah they have bigger guns and in the case of the threat of civil war you can bet they will extinguish that sort of opposition. Just my thoughts. Let's hope not.

Personally, I think people are overreacting. I don't like Trump, but he is 99.9% for sure going to become president. I doubt the electoral college will vote in favor of Hillary...might get one or two votes going the other way...and even that would be "historical"

I don't know what Trump will do and that is all part of the FUD surrounding him. You got to realize he played to people who would surely vote for him and it worked, I mean afterall he's in business and entertainment so you have to acknowledge he know's how to say opinion...I'd say the election is the proof of that.

Anyway, this is all speculation. Until Trump gets in office, I suggest going to the liquor store and stocking up on Xanax.

The main reason why I don't think Trump will do anything against same sex marriage, or anything LGBT is over public opinion....It is widely supported, if he were to run a 2nd term he will lose back tracking on issues like that, it will hurt him in the long run. My thoughts are that he would want to make himself popular.

Issues like healthcare, immigration, tax reform are probably going to be at the front of the line. If I were strategizing that's what I would focus on and avoid social issues. So more than likely nothing will change.

That's just my thinking, despite all that has been said, despite anything Pence has said or done as well. At any rate we shall see what happens...
I don't know. I don't know what a Trump presidency looks like yet. What I do know, from my own feelings and my observations and conversations with friends, my family, neighbors, co workers, bodega guys, and the families I work with at my jobs, is that a lot of black and brown people are stressing out hard about this. Much more so than the white people I know, and white NYC liberals are stressing too.

I mean, the man ran his campaign on racial politics. The first thing he says after announcing his run is that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and uses that as justification to build a wall. In the debates, when police brutality and black lives matter comes up he talks about restoring law and order. The sweeping generalizations of how black Americans live. He supports and wants to restore stop and frisk which was deemed unconstitutional. He talked of banning all Muslim immigrants. He has a history of racially charged speech and racial discrimination. For years he could not be convinced that Obama was a real American and accused him of being Muslim as if that were the worst possible thing a person could be.

Even if he doesn't actually do those things, he was voted in by people who either liked that he said those things or were just so undisturbed by it that they could overlook it and were willing to go along with it. He is allowing for the normalization of blatant racism, and already there is a rise in attacks against people of color in this country.

One of the biggest hang ups for me in terms of this result is how people who aren't racist could have compartmentalized all this and still voted for him. Trump disturbs me, but I find Trump supporters far more disturbing. Look at how they have behaved during the past year, the language and the violence that was used. These are the people who he has promised to give a voice to and who he has promised to empower... will that actually happen? Is a NYC billionaire really the voice of the poor whites of middle America? We will see... but are they convinced that he is?

If you look at the race statistics it is white people who turned out for him. The past months have been filled with talk about the disenfranchised white working class. The KKK and the white nationalists of the Alt Right support him. This whole election process has been racially charged and most people of color recognize that. I think a lot of white people recognized it too, and that's why they voted for him. The white people who claim to not have noticed the role race played in this election are probably the same ones who don't think racism is an issue in this country and who claim not to see color....

But I do think it will take more than just president Trump to act as a catalyst for some kind of unification of black and brown people in this country.

I try to be a nice person, treat people kindly and with empathy, even people I don't like or agree with. I'm starting to come out of the shock of what happened, my emotions are getting back under control. I like stability, I like security, I like believing that people are good. And that side of me really does want to believe that all of the stuff I just wrote doesn't matter, won't happen, and that the situation for minority people in this country at worst stays the same as it is now.

But there is another side of me that was angry before all of this, that has experienced casual racism many times, that sees the systemic racism of this country, that is incredibly disturbed and angered by the compliance and inaction of so many. And that side of me is feeling a little bit more like we need to ask ourselves two questions: "Can you count?" and "Can you dig it?"
Hillary basically wrote off half the country as a "basket of deplorables." And millions of people voted for her despite all the scandal, pay for play, and cronyism surrounding her. And millions of DEMOCRATS chose to just sit this one out or vote for a third party.

Whose behavior is deplorable right now? Who is out in the streets rioting because their chosen one wasn't elected.
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE
There was a guy on the internet who was scared that whites will become the minority. There are probably many people who think that way.

Does that not tell people how racist a lot of americans are. For shame.
Trump is bad but I get the impression that his voters (or a large subsection of them) are worse. I don't have a problem with the protests. If they can't stop a Trump presidency, at least it's a show of strength. These are extraordinary circumstances, where a large portion of the USA showed disregard for minorities. They have no reason to 'get over it'. People who tell others to 'get over it' probably don't have as much of a stake in things (or, at least, they don't realise what they might have to lose). It would be different if Clinton won and Trump supporters started protesting. Let's not pretend the two sides are equal.
On the internet, I've seen quite a few people listing off the reasons why they voted for Trump. It was just a bizarre as you'd expect it to be. Political correctness was the main reason for quite a few people. Men who feel like they've been 'emasculated' by the 'liberal elites' imposing political correctness on them. If I were to vote for a dickhead at the expense of minorities and the most vulnerable members of society, I'd set a higher price.
I believe trump will not do the horrible things he has said he would do. And i say this why. He has taken back that he wanted to get all muslims out of the country. he is anti. establashment. He is against the TPP. He was never supposed to be president. So lets see what he does. This has not surprised me in any way.
JohnMusic Wrote:I believe trump will not do the horrible things he has said he would do. And i say this why. He has taken back that he wanted to get all muslims out of the country. he is anti. establashment. He is against the TPP. He was never supposed to be president. So lets see what he does. This has not surprised me in any way.


Nor did he say he wanted to bar every muslim from immigrating or visiting here forever.

Quote from his website (note the part in bold is often left out of media quotes):

"Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

Current clarification:

"temporarily suspending immigration from countries with a history of exporting terrorism until proven vetting methods can be established and, in general, we are tightening screening standards including examining whether candidates for entry harbor any hostility to the United States, its people, or its values — something that is not currently done."
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE
we shall see.

by the way did you know trump and bill clinton played golf together. I guess that means nothing. Trump is an actor.

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