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Won't be on this for a week or so
Heya guys. Just a heads up, I won't be around for a week or so starting tomorrow (16/9) I've decided to book a last minute trip to Spain and I am going to forgo my treatment in that time. I feel trapped in London and I need to get away from everything. Because I honestly feel so down about everything and it isn't doing me any good.
Well enjoy your trip mate , leave every negative though behind and soak up all that Spain has to offer - im sure you'll come back refreshed too
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
I will. Its taking way too much outta me and I hate feeling so low. A week wont kill me. Right haha
good luck and have a good time bryyzy .. !! ..
2 helpful things I feel that are good for when you are feeling down / depressed etc 1st is talking about it and 2nd is getting away from it all for with a break - and your doing my favourite...Bravo
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
I'm not much of a talker and best thing to do is go away for a week and let my problems fizzle out that way hahaha
I did have something to say but you've probably done heard it from everyone else.... Bottom line is go have a good time because I probably won't ever leave this continent, I have to settle with Canada! So have a good time, get yourself a mirror and know how handsome you are... like literally my monitor has a line running through it now xD Ok maybe not that great of a joke...but I do really need a new monitor lol
But being handsome is one thing. Finding someone who wants me is another thing. And saying hi. I am Bryan. I have cancer isnt a good icebreaker is it? Sad I want someone but at the same time I dont want someone because I don't want to go through any more hurt. I just think if I go out to Spain I wont go back to London because there's nothing there for me.
Well I don't know much about the guys in the UK or really guys in general. All I can say I would never walk away from someone I loved or was getting into a relationship with... I think it would be a disgusting act. I am far from being an expert here, but I think love kind of parallels faith. You need to have faith in yourself. Yeah I know looks aren't everything and at the end of the day it doesn't matter. A lot of guys don't talk to me either they think I'm fat, ugly or something else. The guys who won't date me for those reasons aren't the kind of guys I want to date anyway. So the guys who won't stand by your side because you have cancer aren't the kind of guys you should waste your time with. There ARE plenty of guys who would cherish you, finding them is not easy, it hasn't been easy for me and I have 10 years on you looking.

I know there's nothing I have up my sleeves that is going to compare to what you're going through but I almost didn't do a triathlon. Someone told me never say you can't do something, because the minute you do you will find a way to not be able to do it. So the only thing I can tell you is to stay positive and tell yourself you're beautiful even if you disagree, tell yourself you can get through it, even if you feel like shit. You need to be positive, have a positive outlook and regardless of what doctor says or does, or what treatment they can give you, you're the only person who can control how you feel about things. You outlook on things can make an impact on things and if going to Spain is going to help by all mean go have a killer awesome time and when you come back to London don't lose your momentum or your spirit. I hope something I or someone else says helps by some means, I really get nervous trying to look for the right thing to say because I want to help and I know saying the wrong thing does worse than saying the right thing but I know saying the right thing can make all the difference in someone's life.

Just keep loving yourself and don't give up on yourself.
Thankyou so much. Everything you said spoke to me and i am gonna take it all on board

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