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Word of the Day
So I'll admit that I often will lookup a word to see whatever the definition is. Sometimes I lookup words to see if I am using one in the correct context. Surely I'm not the only person that does this, but I thought it would be interesting to start a thread with either words you looked up, words you find interesting or for whatever reason feel like sharing.

You don't have to follow any particular format, you can choose to include the definition or not, how you used it or something else...doesn't really matter.

Anyway, a few years ago my boss used the word conundrum.

Not sure if at that point I had heard it and although I didn't know for sure you can sometimes tell what a word means most likely depending on the context it was used. He does like using unusual words, sometimes all together, to mess with people and it is entertaining to watch when people are like "what?"

In case anyone isn't familiar with that word, a conundrum is a confusing or difficult problem, and we do often face those in the IT world. Perhaps that should be my response to people when they ask why something can't work the way they envision's a conundrum.
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My doctor used 2 words I didn't understand --- Idiopathic urticaria.  I thought I had some dread disease.  Turns out, it just means I get hives for no particular reason.  Urticaria = hives and idiopathic refers to a condition that the doctor has no idea why it happened.

For some reason, the word urticaria stuck in my mind.  I use it in passwords sometimes, no one will ever guess that one.
Clandestine is sort of a neat word. Without knowing its meaning it doesn't sound too nefarious, but it means to do something or keep secret, probably because it is illicit.

@Pyromancer Sorry to hear that, that's got to be a nuisance at the least. I get for some reason heat rash on my arms and it itches like hell. Not sure if it is also sunburn mixed in or what, but thankfully only my arms.
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I literally just had to google that for a response in another thread lol (thanks Cridders) Big Grin

I knew it was 'eye' related but that's about it, and wanted to check my understanding.
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I have a bottle of eye drops labeled "Ophthalmic Solution" but never gave a thought to what it meant...good to know.

I like the word miscreant ...a person who behaves sounds a lot classier than calling them an a**hole.
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Catawampus or kittywampus. I don't think it's a proper word but I guess it means awry and it sounds so cute and funny
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(05-29-2020, 01:42 AM)Chase Wrote: Catawampus or kittywampus. I don't think it's a proper word but I guess it means awry and it sounds so cute and funny

I guess it is a real word...and I've been spelling it wrong apparently.
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Yield - when I was 16 I didn't know what that word meant until my driver's ed teacher told me.

I was driving in the student driver vehicle with her and almost crashed and she was like "Woe! That was a yield sign, why didn't you yield?"

and all I could say was "I don't know what that means!"
Gobbledygook meaning nonsense or too complicated!
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Always liked this word, sounds awesome to drop it into conversation, despite it's negative connotations (means careless, or lacking enthusiasm, or being lazy).
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