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Work Benefits
ok - curious now - another thread sparked this

what kind of benefits do you get at work?

I would have to say here in the US the standard would be the 10 holidays and 2 weeks vacation though that is going by the wayside ... you have to pay towards healthcare which varies greatly ... maybe 5 sick days a year .. 2 personal days ... and beyond that you are on your own

curious how that compares

and those of you in the US .. correct me if I missed something
Hmmmmmm ok, well let's see here ...

I'm on 28 days holiday a year plus bank holidays;
We get private medical cover, so ordinarily most medical procedures are covered - I just recently had all four of my wisdom teeth out, for example ... didn't have to pay a penny which was GREAT !!;
We DON'T get dental - that is down to us to sort out as individuals;
We get 5 sick days a year too, yep;
We DON'T get duvet days, but some offices over here do - banks mainly ...

We also get incidentals like profit share (read: performance-related bonus), overtime at time-and-a-half, and stuff like that ...

Plus we work a 35 hour week - not sure how that compares with you guys ...

... oh yeah ... and we get flexible working hours too Confusedmile:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I'm on...

37.5 hour week
26 days holiday + bank holidays. Can bank up to 5 days hol per year to a max of 15 days to use in future years.
Private healthcare scheme
1.5x standard overtime, 2x for Sundays and Bank Hols - added onto that is petrol at 40p per mile + £10 attendance.
Xmas period overtime... the 3 non bank hol weekdays if worked can be given back as time off in lieu OR take the cash.
Performance related bonus + extra day's holiday to be used in the 1st quarter of the following year depending on performance.
Various savings schemes.
anyone there hiring?

overtime is becoming a rarity in most professions here including mine

I do have a 37.5 hour work week but that too is not so common - most are on 40 or 45 hour work weeks
Wow - so the norm there is for either 8 or 9 hour working days ??

That SUCKS dude !!

We USED to have to work 37.5 as that was deemed the international norm, but we brought it down to 35 as that's the norm over here ... and on the mainland as well I believe ...


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
8 is definitely the norm

for me it's more like 10 .. with no overtime

even though I technically am a 37.5 hours per week employee

they promote you to "salary" in the US .. meaning if you work less than the norm you don't get docked, but if you work more you don't get paid either

but in reality it means they own you and you can't do anything about it
Ain't that the truth !!

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
it sucks .. and not in a good way
Do a lot of people set up on their own then ?

Or are more people into the rat race, so-to-speak ... ?

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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