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World Aids Day 2008
Tomorrow, December 1st is World Aids Day

Will you be wearing the ribbon to help raise awareness about HIV & AIDS.

This link is for FaceBook users lets see if we can all do it on GaySpeak


Raise awareness and wear that ribbon boys and girls

Thanks for the reminder Star Remybussi
Thanks. All changed.

Bighug to all who have lost someone and to those who live with the disease.
Bought my ribbon from the bully last nite star and gonna wear it at work as a friend of mine died a day after aids day from Hiv/Aids so i wear one out of respect for him rather than the whole awareness thing
I've just seen this report on Reuters. It seems a new line of research is investigating the body's response to HIV in the days immediately after infection.

First days after HIV infection may hold vaccine key | Science & Health | Reuters
I am actually very disgusted with the gay scene at the moment, out of the 1400 friends i have only 10% changed their profile picture, I was out in town yesterday and in the evening and hardly noticed a red ribbon anywhere. A 19 year old man asked me what the red ribbon was for, (I did however point him in the right direction) well if our kids don't know then are you surprised that cases of HIV & AIDS are on the increase in this country.

HIV & Aids is not just a gay issue but as a community I would have thought we could be educating our kids especially on a day like WAD a little bit more than we do........

There hasn't been a national campaign on TV or any other media for the last 23 years and even the last one by the government scared the shit out of everyone because it wasn't truly accurate.

I would have even thought that a topic like this on a public forum board would have provoked more than 3 comments.....

Sorry guys but I have seen too many of my friends loose their lives to this terrible illness.

I feel many humans in the world has become pretty self centered and despondent (not sure if that is really the word I want to use...)
fjp999 Wrote:I feel many humans in the world has become pretty self centered and despondent (not sure if that is really the word I want to use...)

I had a few people tell me that it's a case of I'm all right jack and look after no.1 now.

It's such a shame.

I will still make people aware through my networking sites, that's the best I can do


I will let this subject drop here now

Thanks Frank, Marshy and Zeon

At school they brought out the gigantic red ribbon made of wood to hang in the entrance and then nothing much else. I guess they sent the class prefects to a meeting (as they usually do) to inform them and then to inform their class mates but I don't think that's terribly effective... (delegating information of that nature does not work, in my opinion).
Thanks Marsh for thinking of us... Bighug

and a Bighug to all those infected and living with HIV

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