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World Monopoly...
I haven't been this excited over a board game since....well,when I got my 1st Monopoly game.And what do you know,Cape Town made it into the world city list and we got a green block,yay!I'm not sure how exactly the game will work considering the "prices of cities".And not sure exactly when the game is going to be released here in SA.Gosh,don|t even know where my old game is.On an unrelated note,whats your most fave boardgame?

fave board game.. I'd have to say Monopoly! Big Grin I don't think anything could actually beat the original.. It's just an all time classic, but the new one which has been advertised quite a lot here in the UK does seem interesting.

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OMG, Monopoly, ALL THE WAY!!!

I think I added a comment a week ago when games came up in a thread... to put World Monopoly on!!! I am so excited to see W Monopoly!!!


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Well, my friends and I were always playing Risk. But I have enjoyed the few times I played Monopoly (nobody ever wants to play because it takes too long )
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XRIMO Wrote:Well, my friends and I were always playing Risk. But I have enjoyed the few times I played Monopoly (nobody ever wants to play because it takes too long )
Risk? I wouldn't have that game in the house. I've seen so many families fall out over a game of Risk. The game must be cursed :eek:

Monopoly is a game I can't get interested in. Maybe I've never played it properly. I do like a game of Scrabble, draughts too.
Omg I'm SOOOOO going with CLUEDO!!! I was always Rev.Green :biggrin:
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Brill I love monopoly, thought I was always childish but its a brilliant game!
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