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Worlds strictest Parents...
Has anyone watched Worlds strictests parents??? I have justed watched the final two episodes and basically what its about is children from over the UK are sent away to live with parents elsewhere in the world and one epuisode had a girl and this lad go to america (a state im sure began with M) and they were anti police and ended up living with a couple whno were both police officers. The husband was the town sheriff and in charge and i didnt realise that people get fined if they have a untidy garden.... WTF lol,.... Also its illegal for a minor to run away from home so had t laugh when the girl went to leave and he got his collegue to arrest her and place her in the cells lol...
The next episode this girl from my hometown of brighton and a lad from manchester went to stay in new jersey and The parents were a gay couple which totally threw me lol.... Didnt expect it at all... I did however like the parenting skills they had as they helped her over come drugs and open up and to carry it on they (suprise suprise) flew to england to make sure she opened up to her weathly mother and father about her troubles... Every episode it ended up with the lads returning home from somewhere in the world in floods of tears because they realised what utter bastards they had been and of course i ended up in tears as im a soppy bastard lol.... So What were your parents like???? Were they strict???

Well with me my mum raised me my step dad just beat me so i resented him.... I had upmost respect for my mum because she made the most of my childhood... She was never strict on me or my brother but had looks that could kill and i remember as a child telling her to fuck off and christ was i grounded.... I had to go bed at 6pm for a week and my friends played outside and i was like gwad im leaving home lol.... Only to return when cold wet and hungary and ready for extended grounding which soon burnt out... But i soon learnt around the age of 11 my mum stopped disciplining me and i was able to do what i want including swearing... I met up with my dad for the first time at 12 and by the time i was 14 id told him to go swivel or eat shit or something like that. He didnt wanna see me no more but i wasnt fussed and still not now at 26 lol... My family were not religious but my nan was so we all kinda just laughed at her as she tried to poison our minds with terms like gays are pedophiles, muslims are bad, gypsys are rioot of all evil etc etc general bullshit i learnt as i got older and telling her i was gay was something that hurt her but i just said look lady get over it your nothing more than a bull dog crossed with a shitsu.... BULLSHIT!

So what were your parents like when you were a kid??? Was it a strict upbringing??? How has it affected your life???

Be interesting to see how backgrounds have affected us in ways we may be different from who we are attitude wise

Kindest regards

zeon x
I watch this and i think its hilarious hahaha, they are so disrespectful, my parents would kill me if I had treated them that way lol
lol I know what you mean... I couldnt beleive the way they were all just behaving so bloody out of order i mean your mother brings you into the world your closest parent and if she looks after ya ui dont treat her the way these people treated their mothers lol... I did laugh on many many occassions especially when that woman from barbados screamed You are in BARBADOS lol... l liked the fact that there were a couple of gay teenage tearaways having a queeny fit and their parents revealed in letters that they know they are gay.... This bit was where they started crying and i welled up thinking oh bless they really have great parents lol
my parents were quite strict on me and i turned out ok, I think its for the best. Although I am an only child they did spoil me though. I'm 21 and they still spoil me haha, they don't want me to leave home either hahahaConfusedmile:
lol... Wish my mum spoilt me but with £5 after giro day is spent u cant spoil two kids on that amount going back to 1990 lol.... She did it by buying xmas presents in the boxing day sales lol for the following year,.,... Chgeeky bitch lol
I was a good quiet child, i didnt understand the concept of them buying me toys, i never asked for anything and when they asked me to do my xmas list it was always a hard experience because i'd burst into tears saying "i don't want you to be poor if you buy me things" I was 6 and had watched a think about people going poor about credit cards lol it gave me a complex lol. But when I did my xmas list i remember that they would always get me the toy that was a little bit more expensive than the one i'd asked for or had something extra. Dunno I've never wanted for anything but I was never the bratty child.
I watched an episode of this show once.....ONCE....that's 30 minutes I will never get back.
hahahaha 30 minutes you will never get back, its not that bad lol
It's was positively aweful, I felt so sad for those kids having their 'dirty laundry', so to speak, aired in such a public forum. Something like that could back fire and leave a child scarred and devestated. These things should be private, teenagers only want to have their 15 minutes of fame, do you think that a week with 'The World's Strictest' is going to change anything.

Someone that those kids can connect with permanently would be better than a week away.
It does show you the positive outcome abiut a year later and alot of the kids pull the,selves round and are doing college courses and have kicked their bad habits. Out of all reality tv I think it's more tastefully done.

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