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Worlds strictest Parents...
parenting is low on the list of possible genetic god givens.
it is always possible to sharpen a parent's skillz. once the guy or gal sees this aspect of self improvement they have become good parents.

so were my parent(s) good?
-i never really knew my dad and didnt go to his funeral, so there. my mother did not get through high school and being born 1920 maybe that was the norm for females. she divorced her husband early on and got a nursing degree, kept us comftorable. it think she was a great parent with limitations; she was too independent and recluse and i became that way too. i only changed later in life.
there is soo much more you can do as an individual with the right friends and husband. i never saw this demonstrated in my childhood.

so was i a good parent?
i married late in a straight relationship lasting 15years. of these years, the last 5years i determined i was very gay but still made things work as a straight man, i was still needed i had a step child. we achieved moderate success as measured; the step monster got through 4years of college and demonstrated the ability to set achievable personal goals.
having done all this i have re taken my life for my self and gotten a divorce. I live with my partner Jesse. i never intended to dedicate my live to the child. i think children and their parent(s) are a team. i think parenting is not a god given skill. the most important thing you can give is to love your self.
Zeon, I watched the shows that you were talking about, the gay couple from NJ, the Cop in Oklahoma, and an additional one . . . a religious family in Alabama with a gay kid. Honestly, i was quite afraid for the gay kid as soon as they said he was going to be shipped off to a religious family in Alabama. Though, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The parents seemed not to judge him based on his sexuality, though i suppose those portions might have been edited out.

My own parents were very loving and instilled a good understanding of right and wrong in me. They were understanding and supportive when i came out. I cannot say they were perfect, I probably could have used some more discipline growing up, but I didn't turn out too bad.
I love that show but I suspect theses kids play up to the camera. My parents would ring my neck if I acted in such manner.
My name is Ben and I love
you all this much.

We are the Smilies and we
love Ben.
If I behaved like that when I was younger my mam and dad would have grounded me. Discipline today is seriously lacking with today's parenting.

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