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Would Yours? Has Yours?
Today, a new film is being released in the USA.

W. is a film by Oliver Stone. The first semi-biographical film to be about a sitting U.S. President. There is no hiding who the film is about. No name changes and not a documentary. It is being billed as: Biography | Comedy | Drama.

So, I was curious if there has been such a film done in your country? Is it a good idea? Any good points or bad points of releasing a film while your countries leader is still holding office?

Would rather this not be a discussion about our beloved leader but rather of such a release...

W. (2008)
This puts me in mind of "The Trial of Tony Blair" and, although he had left office by the time is was shown on television "A Very Social Secretary" was a suitable response to the bullying buffoon, David Blunkett.
They're making a film about Nelson Mandela and our 1995 World Cup win.Of course,this is Nelson Mandela and it will be a feel good flick without a doubt.The only prob is that it's being made by Americans,I hate it when Americans try to tell SAn stories
Sorry you feel that way Dan. The wold feels differently about Nelson Mandela, S. A. may clam the man as there's, which no one can deny, however: His story belongs to the world. Nelson Mandela is a man admired by most of the world. I would prefer that the film be made in S.A. by a S.A. team but it needs to be told soon due to his age, any film about this Hero is better than no film. Of course this is just my personal opinion.
fjp999 cant wait to see W. love a good Biography | Comedy | Drama.
We don't need that in Canada since every comedy program makes fun of them, ala Rick Mercer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Our politicians get all the spotlight they need.
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The problem yar is that Americans tend to be cast in the lead roles too.For example Whoopi Goldberg in Sarafina,Tim Robbins in Catch A Fire,James Earl Jones in Cry The Beloved Country etc.I have no issues with having an American production team because of the potentially higher production values but American actors just can't crack the South African accent.They seem to fluctuate from a Nigerian accent to an Australian accent .It becomes pure torture listening to them,it jurt dampens the whole experience of us SAns.Morgan Freeman is going to play Madiba and I doubt that he'll be able to capture the essence of Madiba's voice.

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