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Would you donate your organs?
Hey Guys,

I was wondering after being asked by a nice lady on the street today after coming from the gym if I would consider being an organ donor. I said to her I would think about it but It would be something I would have to consider. Obviously there are current issues with gay guys donating blood etc but I wanted to ask, if you could would you?
If there is an after-life I am sure that my kidneys would be beyond my use so why on earth not?

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Personally I would donate, but certain considerations I think I would have to make.
I am already an donor if something should happen to me
I would not...I have thought about it alot and took years to come to my decision.

Mine is based on the journey of my soul...I know it leaves the body all the time and comes back so when I die I do not want to take a chance of not being able to move on. I am not 100% certain if this is the case with leaving parts of your body but I am not willing to take the chance just in case...I do not want to be bound here.
I have this fear of being chopped up for parts if I'm listed as an organ donor. I guess it just comes from my experience of even kids being exploited for financial means in cruel ways by society (including by doctors).

It's not that I fear organ thieves will ambush me, but if I got injured and taken to a hospital then instead of being saved I might be allowed to die (or even killed) so that a desperately needed organ can be harvested for big bucks by someone wealthy enough to not be constrained to waiting lists (and there HAVE been doctors busted for things like this). I know that the chances of this happening are so extremely low that I probably should worry more about an asteroid hitting Earth, but I just can't shake the fear of it.
I would... maybe a kidney.... human kidneys can easily donated to dogs... but then the dog has three and I only one ... stupid Idea ... when I die... with so much drugs... I think my organs are only dogfood......poor dog :redface:
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I would not for personal beliefs.
Yup, I'm already registered as an organ donor.

I'm sure he agrees with donation of organs..!

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