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Would you donate your organs?
I would happily donate... To give a piece of my life to save that of anothers is something i feel should be cherished also if i can donate in life id do that too Smile
zeon Wrote:I would happily donate... To give a piece of my life to save that of anothers is something i feel should be cherished also if i can donate in life id do that too Smile

aww thats a sweet way to put it
Yup. I'm registered.Confusedmile:
I don't think i would donate one while i'm still alive mind, unless it was someone i know.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Yea, I'm on the list. They must have been quite happy about it as they sent me two letters and cards confirming it. I hope they don't have me on the list twice... That could be a dissapointment.

I do find it weird sometimes that someone out there is probably waiting for me to die. But I doesn't bother me. When I'm dead, I'm dead, so no need for my organs.

Although, I have thought about a Zombie apocolypse or a rise of the dead etc... I always ask people why they would want to be cremated. Such a waste if you ask me, but it's there choice. I'm hoping if there is a rise of the dead type thing, I hope that my organs corrupt the people I am inside, and some how I am able to live on through them. Yes this is somewhat a joke.
I have a living well and a few other papers drawn-up.

In short yes I am a donor. Its a bit more complex. If I am brain dead, they can keep my body up to 60 days in order to 'harvest' organs.... That means they can keep me on a machine and keep the body alive long enough to use materials. I know, it sounds kind of scary.

My body is 'donated' to medical science - or whatever is left of it. Most likely a bunch of students will stand around and faint/puke or both while the body is dissected...

Whatever is left over (if anything) is to be cremated and thrown away - where ever.

In my mind the body is but a shell, a bottle that holds the essence.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I want to register when i'm old enough. If something happens where i'm brain-dead or just plain ol' dead and my organs are still healthy, I want someone who needs them to have them. I'm not particularly religious, though I still have my views. But I tend to rely on realism and it tells me I probably won't need those organs after i'm stone cold Tongue
Hell Yeah! I def wont need them and if I can save someones life why not. I am an organ donor and its marked on my license.
I have just finished reading about a 14 year old boy who lives just up the road from me that is in desperate need of lungs. He has Jet Skied the length of the Murray River ( on the NSW/Victoria border in order to raise awareness of the lack of donar organs.

He finished his marathon and was rushed to hspital where he remain for a few months. Such a vibrant, intelligent and inspiring young man with dreams and desires beyond what his body is able to provide for him.

He deserves a set of lungs, so yes I would donate my organs in the hope that my organs would provide those sorts of dreams and to such inspiring people.
My body is probably gonna fall apart, and my organs would be worthless anyway. Besides, in my opinion, organ donation is a form of human sacrifice. Also, I don't think humans could handle my alien organs (insert joke here)
Yes, I'm a donor, everything except skin and eyes Confusedmile:

Given the lack of suitable donors I think we should have a system of presumed consent, if you dont want to donate you opt out.

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