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Would you go out with a Disabled person?
Personally, yes because I fancy the person Xyxthumbs not necessarily in a deep and meaningful way, because sexy is in the eye of the beholder.
For me, it would depend on the individual and if I made a real connection with that person.

My sister is currently dating a guy who lost both legs below the knees in Afghanistan (he stepped on a land mine) and they just had a kid together. He gets around remarkably well on two prosthetic legs and he has a spirit and zest for life that probably puts many of the rest of us to shame.
Hmmm -Answers late by weeks :O Anyway.. For me.. I don't think I could date a disabled person. *Knows most of you are thinking WHAT A C*NT* But nah being honest.. Im the type of person that is overly sympathetic.. and I have disabled friends which im aware I do it naturally to and they literally do tell me to stop ALL the time... And I know in a relationship I'd do the same.. So purely because I know I'd be way too sympathetic.. End up doing everything for someone and making them feel worthless I don't think I could?
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
Blah. This has messed my head a little. Although I've had abundant exposure to all kinds of disabilities - autism, Downs, blindness, paralysis, ME etc - I don't think I could ever be in a relationship with someone with a disability.

Firstly, I'm probably a little shallow in that regard, and secondly, because I automatically adopt a very patronising attitude, and I feel I would push myself into the role of "carer" - thus not getting the care and treatement that *I* need as well as alienating the other person because, more often than not, that's not what they want.

I dunno. I wouldn't, but as with everything, I'm open to the possibility.

Dan x
To those that say they would not go out with a disabled guy/girl I have a question...

Suppose you are going out with an able bodied guy/girl, in fact things are starting to get serious. Suppose that they suddenly become disabled, say after a road accident. What would you do?

a) Dump them (nicely).
b) Not dump them straight away because that is not a nice thing to do to someone who has just been disabled, but try to let the relationship 'fade'.
c) Genuinely stick with them

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Personally, I'd walk away.

Controversial maybe, but for me that opens up a whole other can of worms. I've spent too much of my life "helping" boyfriends. Always they're broken in the worst ways, and I find I'm no good at it.

So helping someone who was once able-bodied deal with the fact that they now can't walk or whatever... That'd be too much for me and it'd make us both miserable.

Same goes with meeting someone disabled from the off. It'd hurt too much to face their challenges with them because I know I'd be no good to them.

Dan x
i think disabled peple dont wont there boyfrind all to help them just . workers for helping boyfrinds is for love!Confusedmile:
If I was with someone and something happened... Hmmm... I think if that happened it wouldn't be completely my decision, if like both me and him were in a serious relationship and cared about each other, then he would come to the same decision, and realise that without me becoming a 'carer' that it would be better to cool down, become mates see if things change?

I would never completely abandon someone, but I also wouldn't delude myself into thinking that everything would be fine. AS im not in this situation it would be hard to decide. BUT from this point and moment in my life? I just don't think I could give what would be needed.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
joseph Wrote:i think disabled peple dont wont there boyfrind all to help them just . workers for helping boyfrinds is for love!Confusedmile:

[COLOR="Purple"]Well said joseph.

I recently heard about an old uni friend. He and his bf were together for about a decade. They were about to break up due to incompatibility. I forget how the story goes... that they had actually broken up and seperated or were discussing it...

Then my friend had a brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma. When he came out of the coma he was disabled due to a stroke. His ex was standing at his bed side when he woke. They are back together due to my friend being disabled showing the strength of somes love[/COLOR]
yes becase even disabled peple can do somethings so you not have to just look after disabled pepel. i think it disabked peple can be a nice boyfrind and help you not just you got to llok after them . if i had a boyfrind if i said dont look after me please!

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