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Would you take a 'Straight' pill if it existed?
No, that is definitely not something I want to change about myself I am proud of who I am and I don't see anything offered in heterosexual relationships that I am personally missing.
I wouldn't take one. That said, since my other half died, the only people I find that are honestly interested in me are little young boys or women. I might take the pill just not to be lonely.

But nah, just couldn't do it. Never have liked fish.
The figures have changed a bit... there was one YES and 2 DON'T KNOWs but mostly we are proud to be who we are, even in the face of adversity.
This has been doing the rounds for over a decade.

A university friend of mine used it in her dissertation in 1994, but I can't recall the original author.

Anyway, no bloody way would I take such a pill! I love being fantastic and fabulous. Imagine such a thing! No more personal grooming regime but instead going out and scraping my self with an old bit of hoof!

No thanks!
sorry i like dick! ALOT!!!!:biggrin:Wink:biggrin:
I like being gay Smile Not saying it's always easy, but I am who I am.
I love being gay so hell to the no!

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