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Wow, Introduce my self!
Hey All I’ve been reading a lot of posts on GS lately and well I figured it was time to come out from behind the curtains and make a profile maybe contribute a little bit of knowledge that I may have.

Name’s PJ 28 year old, loving and living life the best way that I know how. Just recently got a puppy with my boyfriend so that makes two dogs thank god we purchased a large house because it gives us some where to run and hide from the dogs. Well look forward to chatting and making some new friends from here.
welcome to the forum
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Hello PJ! Welcome to GS.Wavey
Welcome to Xanadu.
Welcome to GS.
Welcome to GS Big Grin
Welcome. And what is you dog's name?
Are you certain about all that? :biggrin:

Welcome Wavey
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Hi there, welcome to this craziness.
Elefant Welcome to the Forum! Elefant

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