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Writer with question about coming to terms with being bi/gay
Thank you again for the responses. I posted this at another gay forum and was told that there is no problem in accepting that you are gay/bi and why did I even ask? I rather thought that wasn't exactly the truth.

Once again your answers are amazing. I never could imagine that this would be an easy thing to come to terms with, especially with society the way it is in so many places. It takes a lot of courage to decide who you are and then to go ahead and live your life on your terms.

southbiochem, he does a little too much "sorting out" with booze and ends up with alcohol poisoning. Sometimes you kill the bottle and sometimes the bottle kills you.

Bowyn Aerrow: Romances are, by definition, cliches. I rarely read them, but when I go I want two people to find each other, work it out and then be together. Books like this fulfill a need for comfort in a world where you may not be able to find acceptance and love...yet. I've of the opinion that there is someone out there for everyone who wants a partner, so I figure that books like this are just recreation. Smile

Less cliched is my urban fantasy; A vampire and a minor god in an Irish pub run by a werewolf. Throw in a serial killer and a Master Vampire. The god is hitting on the vampire. The vampire only wants to get the guy who murdered his life partner and the werewolves are living happily ever after. Wink Oh yeah, and everyone wants to avoid the Master Vampire.
I don't think you can sell a romance that isn't cliche.

Heck, I'm not even sure you can sell ANY genre that isn't cliche, the publishers like formulas. Offhand the ones I can think of that defied the cliche got self-published first, did well, and then a company made an offer...and the smart ones (at least those who wanted to retain control over their stories) said no.

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