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You're banned game
Quote:Here a fun game to play, its a banned game. You ban the person above you for no reason.

This isn't really my idea I found it here: Whoops! Browser Settings Incompatible)

I just think it be funny.

I start it off.

I banned myself for bringing this off-topic game here.

Yes I got this off another forum. I figured it would be a fun game.
I ban you for being the first poster.

[God that's lame... but I can't think of anything on account of I'm so sleepy...]
I ban Nocturnal from using pictures of attractive men as his avatar.

(Am I doing this right?)
I ban I-heart-U for not being sure about how to play the game.
I ban Marvinteck for crimes against humanity...
I ban Sil because he doesn't have a signature.
I ban Nocturnal for being angelic. Tongue
I ban Cutieboy for not having a 7 in his age or post count.
I ban Nocturnal for trying to impress us with his amazing multi lingual capabilities and writing his signature in German which I don't understand! Confusedmile:
I ban blueeyes23 for only having 8 post.

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