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You're banned game
I ban Mr Not So Lonely for being too much of a good thing on this site.... :tongue:
I ban PA because I joined this site before he did giving me authority! RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!
I ban XRIMO because his name starts with X
I ban Mr Not So Lonely (again (and again (and again)))... because he changed his name from Mr Lonely to Mr Not So Lonely... (I ask you: which of these two men can we trust? Wink)
I ban myself for falling in love with someone who is controlled by others
I ban MNSL for banning himself already. DOUBLE BANNED!
I ban XRIMO for banning me for banning myself
I'm going to DEBAN Mr Not So Lonely because we just can't ban him... he needs us. And we need him. Confusedmile: Bighug
I ban PA for making me feel better
i ban mnsl for being in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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